Saturday, November 29, 2014


Oh, right that was so last week...
Been there, done that.
So last week again....
Happy December!
Will this do?
It has been a few hectic and crazy weeks between work, kiln, show and Mark getting his right eye done.

We unloading the pots, it was a really good firing, just in time to price them, box them, and take them to the show.
Between the unloading, boxing, pricing and the show I also worked 4 days that week.
The show was good, fun, quick, cold and now a distance memory.
On to the next thing, I took Mark in to have his right eye done, the left will come up in 2 weeks. He is so excited over being able to see again, new colors, distance, all those things we take for granted he is getting back. Not only can he see better already he will not have to wear glasses except for some readers. Just wait until he has the other one done. Then he will see that I am not really that spring chicken I lead him to think I am.
We were very lucky to be invited to eat Thanksgiving with friends, and bring back leftovers.
Those are the best friends.
I am not big on the turkey, but do love a good turkey sandwich.

 Coming up:
I head back down the highway on Monday.
We have but a short window to wrap up the semester. Then I get some real down time.
I am thinking sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

Here I am at the show. 

 Yep, cold....


Richard Hattaway said...

Yes, cold. But not nearly as cold as the tent over at the school. Jeepers.. That was cold. A poor lady was sitting by the back door opening to the tent, and the wind was whistling thru the tent. Great show... hope it was good to you :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

What WONDERFUL tiles :)

jffollies said...

Beautiful tiles. And if not a spring chicken, beautiful lady none the less.

Tracey Broome said...

Awww, you look so pretty! Sure miss seeing you in person

smalltownme said...

I think he will see a wonderful woman.

Lori Buff said...

So happy you are happy.

Sleep??? Oh, that sounds like a great thing, I wonder if we will remember how.