Thursday, January 29, 2015

Making bowls

 There are pots spinning on the wheel over here. Mark is much busier in our studio than I am. I have headed back to school, trying to keep those students sharp.

I find the time spent at the school can be very enlightening for me and the students. It allows me to explore something I might not have time to do when I am here making pots.
 When I am in my studio I have a list to follow, things that need to be accomplished in a day, week month.

At the school we also have a list, but there are times I, we, like to go off the page and have a little fun.

I have always found that in any work place you need some play. The same goes with the students. Every once in awhile they need a play day or a play activity to get those brain waves snapping.
Yes, I am teaching them production, sets, handles, but some days you have to break out in a show-tune and dance a little.

From those breaks I see improvements in throwing skills. I want to make them think outside the box, challenge, push without being pushy.
I find it makes me think as well.
This semester looks like a winner.

Stay warm, winter is just here to stay for awhile.


Linda Starr said...

Playing and thinking outside the box are the best, sometimes time away from the studio is very fruitful.

Tracey Broome said...

I had a teacher that also believed in play days. One class she might bring crayons and newsprint and have us sketch shapes. One class she had us playing musical wheels, we would start at one wheel, center, move to the next person's wheel, take over where they left off,open, move to the next wheel, make a pull, etc. It was so freeing to not worry about that lump of clay, just use technique to get better. I learned a lot on those play days.
Glad to see you back throwing in the studio.
Now about lunch.... !

Barbara Rogers said...

I've been told I am too "ser-us" (serious) and should play more...and that was about 35 years ago and I remember the wise woman who said it. Yay, play more!

Lori Buff said...

In teaching others we learn also.

Play is the food for the creative soul.

I’ve got more cliche’s if you need them.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I always think that potters never face the blank canvas or blank page like painters and writers do, what to make or write about. If we can't think of anything, we can always get started making bowls....

cookingwithgas said...

We played again with new shapes yesterday, it made for a good day.
Thank you all, I miss my mom.