Thursday, March 10, 2016

Take a walk

 on the wild side.
It's been a week or two, maybe three since I have had any time to just sit down and write a word or two.

I am walking on the wild side.
The three days a week at school added into the days I am trying, trying, to get things done here add up to a walk on the wild side.
I toss myself in the car for the ride to school and toss myself into the car for the ride home always, always, feeling that something is undone, unfinished, to be continued, later, later, later. I forget where I need to start and when I end off.
 It will take a person much better, younger and wiser than me to wrap this all up.
Is it time to wrap it up and come home.
I would like that option.
The question is how to make it work.

Selling pottery for a living has become increasingly difficult. Truth here and now.
I don't think we can continue the path we stepped on so many years ago.
Something has to change.

What you ask?
I don't know would be my answer.
I. don't. know.

I just know that the bottom dollar speaks and it is talking very loud at me right now.
Even we can read the writing on the wall.
If the pottery can no long pay the bills then something else will have to do that for us.
We really can not afford to lose money doing this, who can?

I have decided it's time to tell the truth.
As painful as that is.
It is time to take a different action.
I don't know.

There is much to think about.


Laurie said...

Wishing you clarity and the path made clear to the best choices.

Michèle Hastings said...

This business, or really most where you are self-employed, isn't for the faint of heart. It seems we need our spoons in lots of pots to make it work.
Ditto what Laurie said.

Tracey Broome said...

When you say it, things happen. I said it last year and now look where I am. I have a job I never imagined having and I LOVE it. And they give me a really nice check.
All things are possible when you tell the Universe your truth. It might sound corny but I have truly come to believe this...
Pottery is a beast, I have a big old love hate with it, ha! Just look at what a shitty couple years I have had and I am on the other side of it. You will be on that other side before you blink, just watch and see!

Linda Starr said...

Life isn't easy that's for sure; I hope the future becomes clear and you have smooth sailing soon.

Dennis Allen said...

Every day, I'm glad I am just messing around with this stuff and not trying to actually make a living at it. Making a living with your hands and wits is like high wire without a net.

Judy Shreve said...

Even though I understand what your saying -- I hate hearing it. Your work, your way of life is beautiful. I hope the answers come quickly and joy fills your days again.

Melissa Rohrer said...

I hate to hear it, yet the realization hit some years ago that I don't have it in me to truly make a living with this pottery stuff. It is tough. I have the luxury of a spouse who carries the weight of being the main wage earner. Agree with Dennis. I hope you find the answers.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh crap. Are you saying it is helpful to have your teaching salary even if it is not what you want to do? Or that it is not enough either? Best wishes in figuring things out!

Anna said...

hope you find an easier road before too long... and hopefully still with some clay in your life...

Cindy Gilliland - DirtKicker Pottery said...

That's a lot to take on. I hope you can find a healthy balance soon.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

This makes me sad but believe me, I as a self-employed musician, I completely understand. It's all just so stressful. I hope answers, and good ones, come to you soon. Hang in there.