Monday, June 20, 2016

those tea pots and tiles

 Mark continues working on pots to fire in Ms. B,
While I continue to work on tiles.
I am glaze testing.
I have a wee test kiln that I have been using to try and reproduce a tile I glazed months ago.
It was one of those  moments of let's see how this goes and then I was done with it. Now it seems I need to reproduce my whim.  I can't remember what I did yesterday much less what I did months ago. Then again as in all testing I see some possibilities in some of the things I am trying.
Both of these teapots are heading to new homes soon.
Mark and I were both surprised to see how quickly they were spoken for.
I am playing with some new to me methods of glazing tile. It has me on a fast track and I am now trying to figure out how to have more tiles made for me to work on.
I had planned to roll tiles this morning as soon as I went in to work.
Instead I picked up a paint brush and before I knew it the day was fast over.

So- tomorrow is another day for me to get some clay rolled out and then paint while I wait for tiles to dry.
Sounds like a plan.
Happy Summer!

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