Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Late Summer brings guest calling

When ever I start a batch of tiles I am always thinking about what is new and different that I can put on them. There have been some ideas that come right from my yard, lizards, butterflies, flowers, and now praying mantis.
This female came to visit the other day and I had to get her to pose for me. She was not thrilled to be stopped in her mission of leaving the heavy load of eggs somewhere.

She decided that she would fool me by heading up the side of the house right by the front door.
As soon as I turned my back to do something she was gone.

Look at how menacing she is, ready to eat me up to protect the babies.
She went on her way as I left her be, after all, I have all I need to place her on a tile.


Laurie said...

There was a big one on the okra in the garden yesterday. Also, some really big caterpillars in the yard that must be from some large moth. We must both be doing something right to have such an assortment of guests.

cookingwithgas said...

I think so! No spraying over here with aplenty to share.