Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ms. B Just in time for

We have loaded up Ms. B again, we are trying to open the load up in the hope that we can get even heat throughout the kiln. We have several test in the back bottom shelf where we are testing some new glazes to  use them in the colder spots.
 When we first started making pottery we did not want to "throw" to the kiln. Well folks after 35 years of this we have found you have to plan around the kiln.

 I am also added some mid-range test into the electric kiln with my tile. We are trying to figure out if we can't get what we want walking through gas reduction then maybe we can get sometime from the electric kiln. We are playing with fire.

Fire today, cool tomorrow, unload on Friday.

We had a visitor tucked into one of our windows yesterday. He might have been happy to stay with us, but we placed him back in the woods.
Same frog different light. I love the look of, I have a secret on his face.

Time to hit the studio,

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Good luck with the experiments!