Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring is in the air

We had a few interesting days of weather here with rain, wind, tornadoes watches and warnings. It also makes one keep a close eye on the weather. We put off the gas firing until the weather is settled, next week is our target date.
Meanwhile, I was putting in glazes on tiles. It is or can be a bit tedious at times as I bounce back and forth between glazes. I might only use 1 little dab of glaze for the inside of a nose, or eye, but that little dab of color is instrumental in the finished product. I realized as I am moving along the joys come in as the face starts coming together. I can start seeing the life of the tile open up to me since I am now pretty familiar with the glazes and the results I want.
The lambs are so funny, they are a delight as they are coming together. Sometimes the slightest change in the way I have laid out the faces can make them look more quizzical, or sneakier, maybe ready for trouble.
Since we have lived in a rural area I have seen how mischief animals can be, fences are only a challenge for them, how to get over, around or through. I have watched them flat on their bellies with their heads over as far as they can reach to get some of that greener grass.
 I always wonder where these get sheep tiles get hung in a house. I find most people put them in a bathroom for company to enjoy these sneaky sheep.

We like to think they are on the "lam." I always imagine them getting back in just before the farmer wakes up for the day.
 Who, us? We have been right here all the time......

The pollinators have been very busy in the blueberry bushes.
We spotted at least 3 different types of bees and were happy to see a few honey bees in there.

What's coming out for tiles for the spring kiln opening; giraffes, sheep, flowers, sunflowers, preying (praying) mantis, bunnies, and more.
We also have a great selection of soap just in from Abela Soaps.

I hope you can find a bit of wall space for a tile or two or maybe a new mug or three.


Lori Buff said...

The tiles look great.

It looks like it's going to be a great season for blueberries.

gz said...

Hope you have good firing weather, the tiles are looking good.

Laurie said...

Those sneaky sheep! Happy to have my soaps back in the shop!

cookingwithgas said...

Thank you! Yes, those sheep are sneaky.......