Monday, August 7, 2017


Who's there?
I am working on these tiles and glaze testing to see what the colors will do on a white clay body.
I am firing my 4th electric kiln load since school went out for the summer.
We have had some very successful firing for the black glaze with the layered glazes on top.
I would show you, but the camera is just bouncing the light off that glassy glaze right back at me, to date I am not happy enough to post pictures of the combo. Maybe you just need to come see it.

Back to tiles-- I use a red clay body and pretty much know what the glazes will look like as long as my application of glaze is good, switching to a white clay body will make some changes in the look.
I have 2 test in this kiln the one above and a smaller one.
I have put several small test in the last time I fired, but now it is time to see what happens on a larger piece.
 Here are the small test that I tried, placed beside a white 3x6 tile that will be used with them. I thought the background went too yellow and put in a test that should be a bit white without being a harsh white.
I think the red and the green for the leaves will be fine, I am fretting over background color.
I can find myself stuck on solving a problem to the point where I need to just put it down, go wash the dishes, look at a book, weed the garden, find something else to concentrate on until my brain works out the details that I need to get back to the issue. It's like sleep walking, and, I know it works for me.

The brain is such a mystery.
There are other times that I will talk to my brain about an issue I am having and just ask that it look into a solution while I am sleeping. It has worked for me.

I am firing the test today, cool down and look at then tomorrow. It truly is the best thing about this kiln, less wait time.

Here's the shop view from the work building now that the large kiln is gone. I am enjoying the new view and the light that comes in through the door.


Shortstuff said...

I like the new view. I'll bet that lets in a lot of light. Post a pic of the flower tile after it's all cooked up so we can see the color.

Lori Buff said...

I like the flower tiles and the new view. Sunlight can be a wonderful thing.

cookingwithgas said...

It is a wonderful thing, and here comes results.