Monday, December 18, 2017


There are always those items that sneak up on you as a new favorite for customers, family and friends. I started making these about 5 years ago just as a thought for something new. I kept one, I use it all the time. It sits beside the stove for ease of use, but it can easily be moved to the prep area when I am baking bread or sweets. I usually don't put writing on pots but I made an exception for this item since I could see it as a one use item, until a customer said they would use it for sweetener. I have to think about that one...maybe as a custom order.
We are well into winding down as we take care of deep cleaning in the studio. This is a good time to look at some pots that are in the bisque stage and decide if they are going in the trash bin. The deciding is always the hard part, but as soon as I let it go that thought is gone.  I wonder if we spend too much time trying to save a pot that needs to just go.

Back to cleaning, filing, and in general getting ready for another year.

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gz said...

I swapped a small salt pot for a mermaid a couple of years ago..the potter exchanging said he'd use it for cinnamon, being diabetic he sprinkles that instead of sugar.