Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Yes, we are fickle when it comes to

 the weather.
We woke to 6 degrees on Sunday, and then traveled right up to 60 plus yesterday. We decided that we needed to get out and take a walk in the afternoon. The problem was how to dress. After days of freezing we were quickly pulling off layers. It was all I could take not to turn on the a/c as we drove out of the park after our walk.
This is winter in the south.
Mark had made these two jars for the last firing of 2017 in Ms. B.  We are finding our way with this kiln and these jars are 2 of the winners from that load.
I do love a good jar.
All those possibilities of how to use them, what to put in them.
Even who to put in them.
We have made many jars to hold the ashes of loved ones.
It has been one of the more sobering items that we make as we work with the families to make sure we can fulfill their request.
We had a couple that use to come in for jars for family members and she would say to us, " don't put me in an ugly pot!" She was funny, witty and full of life. We enjoyed her so much and her husband as well.
One day we got a call that she had been killed in a car accident. We were heartbroken at the loss and yes, we made her jar.
We have made jars for family members, putting each in jars made for them.
My father sat on the mantel in the family home for over 20 years until my mother passed away.  As we split the house hold up one of the grandchildren asked for that jar.
We laughed," you can't have that one, that's grandpa."
Many people did not know that my father sat on the mantel keeping my mother company, watching over us all as we made our way in and out of the house.
We made a jar for Mom, my sister Lee, my brother Jay. It was and has always been part of what we do.
So I think of not only all the things you can put in a jar, but the love that it can hold as well.

Hold a love one, tell them you love them, smile, be kind, be joyful.


Barbara Rogers said...

Those jars are beautiful on their own, and more so when you think of a loved one being cradled inside.

Laurie said...

At such a time, having a beautiful jar made with love to hold our loved one made a difference. We are thankful you make these works of art and heart.

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks Barbara.
Laurie, I thought about your mother as I was writing this. Thank you.

√Čtienne Labois said...

Lovely pieces, and if they are for your family, with more reason. We are totally in love with ceramics and everything made by hand :)