Friday, July 13, 2018

It is Friday the 13th

of July, how is your luck running these days?
I have never been one to worry about the 13th.
 I figure like a full moon in October it has gotten a bad rap.
I love a full moon so, let's try to love the 13th.
We picked massive amounts of blueberries this morning.
This time of year if I don't get out there early it gets too hot too fast for me.
Beautiful morning for picking today, luck.

I have been working on as many tiles as I can over the summer getting ready for the fall.
I like this house, I worked in a tree on this one and I think it worked pretty well.

I have an order for some accent tiles for a kitchen, the customer has a vision of what she wants, I am just working through that.
I think it would be brilliant to have these in a kitchen they will add a nice splash of color.
I was reading the other day that the all white kitchen is on the way out.
For myself I like color in my spaces, I  have been interested in the all white, but never drawn to it. When I see all white I want some crayons so I can add some color in there.
Maybe drawn a house, a tree, some flowers....
At least with all white you won't need to worry about a primer. It's going to be easy to cover.

Here's your happy for the day.


Debbie said...

Love the bee tile. Would you mind sending me a message as to price for this and dimensions?

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, thanks for happy giraffe! Love the colorful tiles. I'm definitely on a return-to-color phase of creation, having done black and grey till I was tired of it.

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, Debbie I can send you a message.
Barb! Thanks! Color is good!!