Sunday, June 7, 2020

Open by appointment & pickup

We know that life has not returned anywhere close to the old normal.
We are all trying to work within the guidelines set up to keep us and you safe.
In doing this we have reset our store for appointment shopping.

We added shelves to open up the floor area placing more items up for easy reach.
We are going to pull out larger items such as large vases.
If you are looking for a particular item and contact us ahead of time that will help.
If you want to go though the store we can let you do that with a set appointment.
We have hand sanitizer on site.
We will be wearing Mask, we will ask that you do the same.

If you call ahead we will reserve the time for you.
If you are traveling with family you can all come in, depending on the number in your party.
We do ask that you try to keep distance with us.

You can email us at:  contact@
or call 336-873-9276
Leave a message.
Please allow us the time to be ready for you by contacting us before you come.

pickup has been very successful for prepaid items.
We ask that you set a time with us.
You don't have to get out of the car unless you would like to.
Pop the truck, open a door and we have your item wrapped and ready to go.

Do we miss the chat time, yes.
Do we miss the catching up on your life, yes.
Do we miss people, yes.
But we are not finished with the virus, numbers are up in NC.
We are doing our part.

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Laurie said...

Sounds like a smart and safe way to do business.