Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday at the end of May

 Here we are, it's Saturday and May is running out on me. May is a month  filled with everything from anniversary to birthdays and a lot of things in between.

I did have break between semesters and one of those weeks I worked in our studio. Oh, yeah, this is nice.
The next week we were off to push out the final days of cleaning out the house that my mother lived in for 50 years. A lovely house  filled with many great memories.
A house that is now ready to be filled with a new family and friends.

With that done, thanks to my fabulous husband, sister and brother, we can now move back to not spending every spare minute cleaning, sorting and deciding. This Saturday is going to be spent looking at my own back door.

 I am sitting with the windows open listening to the day make its way. The birds are talking. I think they are planning their day as well.
I found that there are birds in the city that start planning their days around 3 am.......or maybe they are just signing off for the night. It had me awake a few nights when we were up there trying to decide if it was time to rise.

On the left is a birdhouse that I made for the salt kiln at school.
I was so tempted to keep one or two. Then I realized that I have two bird houses out in the front of my house and there are two birds that have made a nest, one is tucked under a towel on the deck. She has added eggs... no reasons to move her now.
The other nest is built up in the rafters of the carport.  
My birds have there own idea of living space.

My plan is to only teach 2 days this summer in hope that I can get some pottery work done.
We will see.
Mark is making bigger birdhouses.


Monday, May 11, 2015

I was talking to

someone the other day trying to explain the feelings that I was having this past year.
They asked me how I liked teaching.
I like it, it is not that I don't like it.
But, I miss my life as a potter.

I miss getting up and talking a morning walk, I miss the commute across the yard, I miss working with Mark on a daily bases, I miss the rhythm of the work place; the clay on the wheel, the fixing, the stamping, the creative edge, the zone. I miss it all.

This was my answer to them, " I was trying so hard to stay in my lane, not to look left or right, just move ahead, then one day I turned left in front of traffic." 

You never know what you have until you try to hang on to it. Bit by bit by bit life can change.
It's what you do with it.
For me, I am teaching.
Some days it feels as if the band broke up.
Other days it all flows and new exciting challenges come up.
But, isn't that life?
Isn't life what you are doing while it is all happening around you.

We are still making pottery, Whynot Pottery still has a life, it is just at a slower pace.

Check in with us for weekly hours.

Friday, May 1, 2015

May Tiles

Out of many busy weeks comes some tiles.
Slat kiln is loaded at school.
Firing starts at 5 am on Monday, join me.
More later, promise.