Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some one makes pots around here.

 I came home to these sweet jars the other day. Mark has been busy making pots on the days I am working. I love a good round jar and these are pretty great.

We hope to get another firing in soon but it seems as always that there are a few obstacles to jump over to make that happen.
First I must stop gazing out of windows;  looking at the reflections in the pond.

Second, I need the prefect, warm days of sunshine, that keep calling me to walk out the door and explore the beauty around me to slowly, slowly fade away.......(not really)....

Then I need to be able to work 24/7 just to get done those things that need to be done,done.

Third....I need to not run off on my day off to see a great little play called, "Love Letters" directed by one of my students.
Fantastic job, I loved this play.

And, then there is that baby pinching that must be done.
It is in my job description.

My favorite student question this week, help me out.

Can I take this raku pot and put a cone 04 glaze on it and fire it again so it will hold water and be shinny?

I will take any and all answers.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Break is over

 and it is time for me to pack my lunch, get back in my car, head down the highway, and get back to work.

I have been enjoying some time off. We took off to Virginia, went from the mountains of Charlottlesville, down to the Norfolk, stopped in Raleigh and then home.
We squeezed in a lot of family, took in some trees, found time to pinch all our kids, finish up the guest bedroom, have guest and I did a hunt for all things spider.

 The guest room, handmade lamps and all.
Now, to keep it clean...
 Riding the parkway in Virginia.

Now it's time to hit it and get back to work.

I'll keep you posted.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

The moon was full,

  the ring that ran full circle around it was red and bright, soon the circle disappeared as a darkness began to take small bites out of the left side of the moon, slowly covering it all as it went from light to darkness, then as the sun rose, it was gone.
Amazing to be there up early, with my coffee; me and nature at her best.
Last night the moon rose bright over the pond. I had to go down for a few minutes to the pond and watch as it reflected off the water, fullness, heavy, bright, amazing.

Mark wired up many of the lamps that came out of the kiln. There is nothing like a handmade lamp to set off a room. We have just finished painting the guest bedroom and I have been tempted to go lamp shopping in the store. I really think the one with the great runs to the right would be nice in the bedroom.

 These lamps, even with the different blues and the creaminess of the glaze, look really good against the yellows that we used.
I am enjoying the color of the bedroom, it is a cool and quiet color.
Now I am thinking about curtains, bed spread, you know the drill... the other stuff.

Mark is back at the wheel while I am making the ride to school.
This week I put in a request for a wet/dry vacuum, I am so excited to be getting this. Cleaning is an issue when you have that many students and the clay and glazing that happens. I did not know how much I missed ours until I did not have one.
I found myself yesterday trying to clean out a kiln, the vacuum would have made short work of the issue. Not having one leaves me to be inventive and clever. I ended up taking a roll of masking tape, folding over an end and picking up the chunks of broken clay and glaze off the soft brick on the bottom of the kiln. It was slow work, but did the trick.

 It's time for me to move on, things to do.

Tiles to start loading in a kiln.