Friday, August 28, 2015


 take my picture.

I know, I am such a liar.
Mark is working up some big bowls.

While I am working on Sugar jars and creamers.

What is it about jars?
That was the item I did not want to make as a student. It is the item I make the most now.
I guess that back then I was not ready to make them.
 And, what is a jar without a creamer. I know, I know, it's a jar, wise cracker that you are.

We are working up the next kiln load of pots. Most of it is ready and waiting for these last items to be finished.
 I really wanted to get some cream and sugar sets made. We have a few in the shop, but most have made their way off to new homes.

 That handle looks large! Things appear closer than they are, and bigger.

I have some tiles that I am playing with yet again.

These are left from a past project and I wanted to see if I could add to them and possibly enhance what was going on with the waves. Now all I need is that last glaze to go on.

Fall is in the air.
The last few days have given way to cooler mornings.
I don't want to rush things, but here it comes ready or not.


Thursday, August 20, 2015


 This birdhouse has gone to live in Texas.
I have a customer who keeps an eye out for this glaze and when it comes out well, and, we have something new and different, she sends me an email.

The birdhouse has gone to live with it's cousins in Texas.
I have other customers that do the same.
When we receive a request or an order we do everything possible to get the items packed and ready for shipment. We like to have the items out within a day or two at the most.
 It's our word to be sure and work in a timely manner.
I am in a dispute right now with a company who promised shipping in 24 hours and has not shipped yet.
After a week I sent an email.
We are so sorry we have back ordered your item, here is 20 % off your next order.
I gave them another week.
We are so sorry we have back ordered your item, we will ship it right away as soon as it comes in.
I gave it one more week.
I have just filed through my payment company for a refund.
Because they continue to sell this item online with  the promise of 24 hour shipping.

 Don't promise what you can not keep.
Your word is important.
So is your customer.

New works on a few giraffes.
Designed by Lee.
It has taken me awhile to carry on with the designs that she and I had planned to work on together.
I have added her name to these.
Her name runs up the right hand side of the giraffe,
My sister had such a talent.

The one on the right here reminds me of her for some reason.

Sorry for my rant.
I am off to work in my own place of business.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hops and Pots

 The last two weeks for me have been the rush of getting things done before I have to pack myself off to the school. I could feel the breath of the dragons breathing down my neck as I worked on tiles last week. I finally loaded my kiln on Sunday and fired Monday. Whew, one thing done.
 Monday I figured out that I still know how to toss clay at a wheel and get it to turn into something.
There is the familiarity of working in my own space. My wheel, my tools, mine, mine, mine. It's like being two. This is all mine and I am not sharing with anyone.

It felt so good to just be here and work.
 I have been thinking about out how to be here and be back at the school. Maybe I can take long breaks.....    be right back......
 Mark took a break to go and strip off the hops from his vines.
Hop on Pop.

They look great. He is mulling over how best to use them in his beer making. I'll be interested to see what unfolds. He has been making some really good beer over the last few years.
Thanks Joel for leading him back to something he really enjoys doing.

I am throwing some of those production pots. I was very aware of how much more it takes to fill the kiln when I am not throwing here as much as I use to. Mark is doing the largest share of filling the kiln. I need to figure out how I can use my days off from the school best to get my share done.
Fall is in the air.
Better get cracking on the pots for gift season.

 I counted that it took me 33 tiles to fill my kiln.
That too is something to work out.
nothing is easy or quick here.

This time I am making some details notes. I forget some of the things I have done between loads. It occurs to me that not only do I need to write down what works, but I need to read what I write as well.

They are all waiting for the last step before heading over for sale.

Hope you are happy and well.
I have to get back over to the studio.