Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The students fire salt

 When I started teaching this summer the students were only firing their work cone 6. In and out of the electric kilns.
We have a salt kiln and 2 gas kilns that have sat quietly waiting on the sidelines. In talking with one of my students, who was in his finale semester, he and I decided that we would work a salt firing in. He wanted to show a diversity in what he could do for his senior show. It did not take much convincing to have other students join in.
The kiln was loaded a week ago Monday, fired on Tuesday ( with the expert help of Dan Triece from Dirtworks pottery), and unloaded last Friday.

The kiln had not been fired for about 2 years and the excitement  filled the air when we unloaded.
I'm planning to make this happen again next semester.
I think we can easily work our way back to some gas firing.  
 There was lots of running.
Some grinding to be done.
But the results were over all very good.
Just 2 pots with some unwanted brick in them.

I took a glance at the gas kilns yesterday and thought- you might be next on my list.
 The semester is over.
I hope that means I can get some things done around here...

Merry Christmas.
Happy Holidays.
Many Cheers!

Friday, December 5, 2014

I am shopping

 I am doing my shopping for others in the store today.
We get the emails that say, pick out 4 pieces, or my sister needs, do you have, could you ship?
Yes, yes, yes, we can do that for you and we are happy to get it picked out and packed off.
Santa is working overtime.

There are lot's of choices left to chose from. I have in mind 4 of the oil lamps...they make great gifts.

I made granola today and as I was waiting for my cook/stir time I thought up a way to pass the time.
I'm calling it; what can you do in 5 minutes.
I found that I could water the plants, wash the crud off the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher. Wipe out a sink, pick up the socks.
 5 minutes works well and when I have 10 the dust is all mine.

The semester is counting down at the school. There are only so many things you can make, dry and fire at this point. There is a great amount of glazing going on.
We are loading the Salt kiln next week and firing. It has been many years since I have fired any salt with gas. It should be interesting. Thank goodness I have one of my co-teachers to help me out on this one. I am loading with the students on Monday, firing will start in the wee hours on Tuesday, from then we shall see if we get to see the moon rise or the moon set.

I hope that the next few weeks are good to you all. I know how busy life gets this time of year.
Be happy, be safe, be merry.


Saturday, November 29, 2014


Oh, right that was so last week...
Been there, done that.
So last week again....
Happy December!
Will this do?
It has been a few hectic and crazy weeks between work, kiln, show and Mark getting his right eye done.

We unloading the pots, it was a really good firing, just in time to price them, box them, and take them to the show.
Between the unloading, boxing, pricing and the show I also worked 4 days that week.
The show was good, fun, quick, cold and now a distance memory.
On to the next thing, I took Mark in to have his right eye done, the left will come up in 2 weeks. He is so excited over being able to see again, new colors, distance, all those things we take for granted he is getting back. Not only can he see better already he will not have to wear glasses except for some readers. Just wait until he has the other one done. Then he will see that I am not really that spring chicken I lead him to think I am.
We were very lucky to be invited to eat Thanksgiving with friends, and bring back leftovers.
Those are the best friends.
I am not big on the turkey, but do love a good turkey sandwich.

 Coming up:
I head back down the highway on Monday.
We have but a short window to wrap up the semester. Then I get some real down time.
I am thinking sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

Here I am at the show. 

 Yep, cold....