Monday, August 29, 2016

Oh, we are still here

 We had a visit from one of the next generation and needed to do some fishing, chase some butterflies, hang at the park, go to the zoo.
Now I am back in the studio.
Pots are coming.
Meanwhile, enjoy the butterflies.

Coffee at the mud cafe, NC zoo.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We went

 I need this sign!
This would look great in our yard, don't ya' think?

We went- to Maine with my sister.
In order to do so we drove through states I have never been to, places I have never seen and only got lost a few times.
All hail the google, for she is wise and good.
One of my favorite moments off I-81, the parking lot that goes through PA, was on a backroad when I turned her on and typed in find I-81.

Maine, the lake, the chair, the view.

The lake

Ben and Jerry's, you know you have to....
I told Mark don't do what she says, but as I punched the button she said turn left, we are no where on a paper map. He says, don't? I say do it! And, off we go on back roads and pop out on I-81!
We have decided to keep her. We are in a 3 way with Ms. Google. Why am I just finding out about her magic? It is all scary and powerful. Boom- here you are and I can lead you places you will never find on your map.
We went up through, Va, West Va, Maryland, Pa, New York, VT, New Hampshire to Maine. We then crossed the mountains back across, took a ferry over to upstate New York and went on to Watertown where my brother lives. He showed us the wonders of The Thousand Islands and a tour of the Singer Castle.
What a beautiful area he lives in.
The island, where money is no problem, if you have enough.
The Singer Castle

We slid down I-81 towards home.
Back to work.
Thanks to the family for the vacation time, Les, John and friends in Maine.
Chris, Betty,and kids in New York.
It was wonderful.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


These are for you.
Even though you are not here I am reminded of you when I worked on these.
Carrying on.