Thursday, July 23, 2015

Was it worth the sweating and swearing?

Yes I think it was.

Mark says there was a little trouble setting reduction.
I can see that most of the glazes loved being reduced more with the exception of one.
It seems to have reduced right off the pot. It's okay, no real worries there.
We are pretty happy with the new way to load the top of the kiln. Maybe next load there will be no S&S.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Trying something new

 Mark and I had a business meeting to talk about how things were going. We have found that no matter how long you are in business, how successful you are, how large or how small, that every few months you should evaluate what you do. Is this working? Do we continue the same path? How can we do this smarter. What are the needs of the customer? And, what are our needs.

I know that most folks think we play at clay. There are a lot of myths around art as work and work as art.

 What we have found over the 30 plus years is that work is work. Yes, we enjoy what we do. That does not mean that we have to love every inch of what we do. There are jobs that require a good back, endurance, and, learning to let go, move on when things are not working, or, did not work.

We decided that in this kiln load we would load plates and platters at the top of the kiln. This is something we have been playing with as we see a slow down to the larger items we have been using to fill the top shelves in the kiln.
There is no reason that it should not work. What could possibly go wrong? (laughter here)

It took us a bit longer to load and figure this out. We were out there sweating and swearing a bit Saturday and Sunday. It's all good.

The kiln is in, the fire going, Mark is ever present as the kiln is turned up. Fire today, cool down Tuesday and Wednesday, unload Thursday.

I am heading to school for the final day of summer semester.
Boy, did that 8 weeks fly past me.
I have a few weeks to get ready for the fall.
I have kilns that need attention, clay to ready and summer camp.

Pictures of the fired pottery coming up.
Please watch this space.

Stay cool if it is hot where you are,and,warm if it is cold.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hot days

Here we are and it is fully summer.
 Summer, like its cousin winter, comes around once a year no matter how hard you might try to hold it back.
Our words changed to, " hot enough for you"? To which I always think, "heck yeah."
Or I think, it has been hotter.
We had a week or two that hit 105 back a few summers ago. In my mind the 90's are hot enough and I and thankful for the less than 100.

I have found that with the teaching comes hours away from the studio and here. I have such good intentions on keeping the blog up to date. But we know where those go on a given day.

  My mind is full of so many thoughts that by the time I sit down here I feel as if my plate is too full.

We have made many trips to Norfolk and back emptying my mother's house to get it on the market.
This last trip Mark and I rode mostly in silence. We both are so talked out about all that needs to be done that we just pack a bag and go.
That seems to be slowing down.

We have been working on making enough pots to fire. I have taken some red clay on some of my days at school and worked it up to see what it does at cone 6. It is interesting,soft, and a bit sticky compared to the stoneware I thrown here. There are things I like about it and things that stump me, such as glazing them.

I am still working on that.

 We are enjoying the fresh veggies and fruits that come with summer.
Last night was eggplant.
So sweet and creamy.

We are working on a load to glaze and I had better turn my attention to work here before the days slip away on me and I am back at the school.

Call me- let's do lunch!