Monday, June 27, 2016

We make Birdhouse, and, yet

The birds find their own.

We just unloaded some new houses for the gallery, maybe your birds are looking for something new and exciting.
Ours are taking over our kiln shed.
I love the stovepipe ones with the peaked roof.

 What is it about blues?
I like this ash glaze, it reminds me of the blues you would see on slat glazed ware.
I better fly, I am still trying to catch up.

Monday, June 20, 2016

those tea pots and tiles

 Mark continues working on pots to fire in Ms. B,
While I continue to work on tiles.
I am glaze testing.
I have a wee test kiln that I have been using to try and reproduce a tile I glazed months ago.
It was one of those  moments of let's see how this goes and then I was done with it. Now it seems I need to reproduce my whim.  I can't remember what I did yesterday much less what I did months ago. Then again as in all testing I see some possibilities in some of the things I am trying.
Both of these teapots are heading to new homes soon.
Mark and I were both surprised to see how quickly they were spoken for.
I am playing with some new to me methods of glazing tile. It has me on a fast track and I am now trying to figure out how to have more tiles made for me to work on.
I had planned to roll tiles this morning as soon as I went in to work.
Instead I picked up a paint brush and before I knew it the day was fast over.

So- tomorrow is another day for me to get some clay rolled out and then paint while I wait for tiles to dry.
Sounds like a plan.
Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

don't you find it hard

to talk about yourself after the events of the past weekend.
I told Mark that I felt like posting pictures of what we do seemed so trivial after the events of the past weekend.
There are so many thoughts after something likes this happens, because, no matter what you believe, events like this effect of all.

Good, bad, ugly, love,sweetness, kindness and goodness.
We all make choices everyday.
I am choosing to go with love, kindness and goodness.
I fight with the negative, I think we all do, but let us hope that we can help in some small way to make things better for someone else.

Go do good things.

   I am thinking of you today.