Friday, May 1, 2015

May Tiles

Out of many busy weeks comes some tiles.
Slat kiln is loaded at school.
Firing starts at 5 am on Monday, join me.
More later, promise.

Friday, April 17, 2015


 Yes, we are open.
I might be working 3 days a week teaching, but that means Mark is here, working and open.

Are we always open on Mondays?
No, there are times that we close on a Monday, call or email ahead.

 Will you be open this past weekend?
Yes, we are open weekends.
This weekend we will open at 9 close at 5.
Sundays, call or email.

Are there times that you have to be closed?
Yes, we are like all people. We have families and that means that there are times that we need to go for many reasons.

Again, call or email if you want to be sure we are here.

Do we have any of Laurie Abela's soaps in stock?
Yes, we do.
We love her soaps and if you have used them you will love them as well.

We have plenty of stock in the gallery and more set aside.
Custom orders.
Talk to us, we can work with you on many items.

We hope to see you out and about.
Come on by.

 We would love to see you.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

You did see my post about Spring break?

 If you did you know that rather than going to the beach, mountains or jetting away to Spain, I was here working on glazing for the gas kiln.

We loaded on Easter Sunday.
Because, when you work for your self, that is what you do. We had just seen our kids and family making the pain of working a little easier.

No ham, no deviled eggs, no pie.
Just work.
Mark fired while I went to work on Monday.
The drive over this time of year is really a treat with all the trees blooming. Every turn brings something new.

The last few weeks there has been a turkey  hanging out in one of the wooded areas I pass. last Monday I thought he must have become food for a fox since I did not see him anywhere. Then Tuesday and Wednesday there he was.
 We were pleased with the firing.
Mostly good.

A few okays.

A few hammer worthy.

I was very happy with this wall pillow that I made. I spent way too much time carving on it and then when it came time for glaze I went for a solid color.
 I really like it.
I know, I am in trouble when I really like something fresh out of the kiln. That can mean all kinds of excuses why
 I need to hold onto that piece.

Of course, the other issue is how to price. There are things that we make that you just have to blow it to the wind. You can never recover the amount of time you put in the piece.

 At some point you need to let it go.

I also have a weak spot for this tile that came out of the gas kiln. I usually make and fire them in the electric kiln. This time I had an order for some that needed to go in the gas kiln. I made this one to use up some of the clay and it came out very well.
I am happy with it as well.
There again is the issue of letting it go.

I know I like it and maybe someone else will like it as well.

Work is calling.
There are many things left to do before Monday calls me back to work.