Sunday, October 16, 2016

These pots rock

 Just in case you are living under a rock and not going to see our page on face book I will put up some of the teapots from the last firing in Ms. B
I love the warmth of the brown with Mark's quick design running around the pot.
Then there is the new blue ash glaze that can be very blue, but looks good with a bit of that same warm brown to calm the waters a bit.
And, Mark's designs just fit the spaces so well.
 The weather this past week has been calling for some walks at the zoo. Today we walked at the zoo and followed that up by walking downtown in Asheboro just to be there in the calm of the early morning while all the stores were shut up tight.
Then a ride out on the back roads to look at the trees as they start giving the green up to bits of color here and there.
I love fall and remind myself at how quick it can come and go.
Look everyday.

Here is a nice bit of detail on the tea pot lid, just a few drops of glass to make it even better.
 And, here is the glass of the pond.
We have had great weather with little wind to speak of, it makes the pond reflections show up even better.
With a full moon out there it is time for me to take a look to see if it is at the tree tops yet.


Monday, October 10, 2016

After the rain

 Oh Matthew, you were a sneaky boy.
We had a lot of rain on Saturday as Matthew made his way through our area, but nothing like what both of our kids and their family. Rain, that much rain when you live closer to the coast is some scary stuff, both kids lost power, one for close to 24 hours.
As a mother it was hard not to be there with all of them for this one.

The mushrooms were before the storm........

 This is a favorite mug around here for coffee or beer. It holds a good amount of coffee, the cup that really gets you going in the morning.
Then later it makes a great beer mug. This was Lee's favorite for coffee and  Mark's dad Bob always kept 3 in the freezer for his beer.
Oh, I miss those two.

I was taking pictures of tiles for a customer.
This one I call, "Long Neck" He is all neck. I try not to have favorites but there are times. Then again, it is like I like them all as I am working on them. All different with different personalities. He looks like he's holding a secret for you, or a bit more wild child. 
 A few changes and this one looks like he is more humble in thoght.
I don't plan this it is just the way they come out.

Another mushroom that looks good enough not too eat! The color is alarming red, with sprinkles.
I hope you all weathered Matthew as well as possible.
I don't know about you, but I am ready for a boring week.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ms. B rings in the fall

 Oh, we just keep rolling along trying to figure this little girl out. This firing the top and the bottom were cold.
Not all is lost, but ##$#@##$%^&* there are days that I think I should be working behind the counter selling fries......
I wonder who would hire my tired old grey head.
Back to the drawing board on this one....


You had better get ready for Matthew by filling your oil lamps.