Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Day with Tashiko Takaezu

May 20, 2007 -life was good-

This week started like any other week at Whynot.We were working on our throwing cycle and getting ready for our next kiln load and firing. I am on the NC Pottery Center board and received a call that Toshiko Takaezu wanted to spend part of a day touring Seagrove. I was asked to join Denny Mecham, the director of the NCPC and fellow board member Fran Irvin to help guide Toshiko and her apprentice, Dave along with the folks from Green Hill, where Toshiko had a current exhibition, on a quick trip through Seagrove.The day was perfect for an outing. The air was a bit chilly, but the sun was out and warm. We started with a tour of the NC Pottery Center- A great place to start any tour of the Seagrove area. It gives a great overview of the history of pottery in North Carolina to what is going on in the present day.We left there and toured Johnston and Gentithes Art Pottery. There Toshiko was able to meet Fred one of the owners. She had a great conversation with him about his local clay and his unusual decorating and how he fires. A quick tour of the wood kiln and we were on our way to Jugtown to meet with Pam and Vernon Owens. At Jugtown we were greeted by Pam Owens, a fellow potter and friend. Vernon joined us along with their son Travis. We had a great tour of the wood kilns, the glaze area and the museum. It was very much enjoyed by everyone and Pam was such a gracious hostess. We left there and went to the local Westmoore family restaurant. Which is by no means fancy, but it has good county food. They do a good job with fish and make good salads. Then it was off the see David Stuempfle and his very large wood fired kiln. Tashiko was very impressed by his kiln and even walked down to go inside. We then sent them all on their way to get ready for the evening opening at Green Hill in Greensboro. Denny, Fran and I headed up to Greensboro early. We were invited to come before the exhibit opened for the evening and have our own private tour. It was glorious! We had plenty of time to really see the pots before it was opened to the public.

Tashiko is no longer a young woman. I have to tell you that I found her warm, bright, funny and charming to be around. I will truly treasure the day spent with her and all the other folks.

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Bruce and Samantha said...

What a wonderful picture! Thanks for sharing it with us.