Sunday, August 17, 2008

Who Stole July?

I looked around and can't find July. I know we had a fire- I know we had to clean and scrub and paint and move Mark to Star. I know life went on around us.

But really- who has July and would they like to share it?

I can't believe it is now mid-August.

The leaves will soon be giving up their greens and move into their winter coats.

I love fall but it also the signal of how busy we will all be getting ready for shows and Christmas.

So I thought I would dig up a summer memory of past and what better then Sunflowers?


Bruce and Samantha said...

It was such a shock to hear about your fire that day. Hope the rebuilding goes smoothly and you are able to recapture time as much as possible.

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks You both are the best- and then your wonderful parents moved here- they are as wonderful as you are Samantha. You come from good stock!
We are working on the new floor plan today!

Anna said...

I remember those sunflowers! XOXO
Hope all is going well for you and Dad. ~Ajay