Friday, October 31, 2008


Last night was the annual meeting for STARworks.

STARworks, if you are just finding us, is a factory building about 10 miles down the road from here. When we had our fire in July the director Nancy Gottovi and Takuro Shibata, who runs the Clay operation, talked and called to offer us free studio space until we could rebuild.

We took it. We had other offers, but this one would allow us to work and not put anyone else in the neighborhood in a position of feeling squeezed. We cleaned, painted and set me up here and Mark there.

In doing this not only did it allow us space to work, but it gave us the opportunity to meet other artist.

There are potters who are working at Starworks for Takuro. Adam and Anne- Adam also does maintaince and Anne works very hard on her wonderful garden.

Santiago Ramirez Alvarez: Santiago Ramirez is an operation manager of STARworks. He is an experienced landscaper and versatile in handling tools and equipment. A native of the Yucatan, and the grandson of a potter, he is currently learning about ceramics

There is now a full glass studio up and running. Last night there was a glass blowing demonstration by Wet Dog Glass. Wet Dog relocated to STARworks in the spring of 2008 from New Orleans. In addition to being glass artist they design and fabricate equipment for glass studios. They have slowly brought in a diverse group of young glass workers and are building a strong glass community in the area. A nice addition to our community of potters.

There are many other folks who keep this organization running and other businesses housed in the building.

Meanwhile we were asked to help with the food. The theme was to use food being raised in the area. Anne raised the most beautiful lettuce and put out bowls full of mix salad. Nancy's Curried goat from locally raised goat was a real hit.

We made smoked beef from a locally raised farm.Mark smoked the beef with Oak, a bit of Mesquite and a tad of Apple wood.

We also bought goat cheese from the Goat Dairy Lady, another local source.

I made Whole Wheat and Rosemary Focaccia Bread.

For serving with the beef and cheese , I made a fresh Basil Mayonnaise, Red Pepper Salsa and Tapenade.

And to top that off Chocolate pound cake. I made two- because the first one when I placed it in the tube pan and then in the oven decided to leak out of the tube pan...... new one on me. I will not tell you my sailor comments on this subject.

I must say it was a great evening. The food was outstanding- many other dishes there as well. The Band was great and there was good networking going on all around us.

There were many art supporters and supporters of bringing the small town of Star back to life.

We shall all see how this works. With the economy being where it has been there have been lean times for all of us. In talking with other potters last night and over the past year, we are all waiting for a break. We all have hopes the upcoming election brings some changes. But- even that will not happen overnight. It will take time to recover from the latest banking crisis, the gas prices and for some people just paying the bills and raising families.

As artist no one needs our work to survive. We are not a need but a want.

It is my hope that we hold an audience for the needs and wants of handmade items. To have a handmade item in your house is worth every penny. The pleasure we/you get from eating, drinking, serving and sometimes just looking at artwork is invaluable to the inner most being that we are.

With that said- back to making pots.

For some really great pictures of the nights go take a look at the pictures Samantha of Bulldog pottery took!


Cynthia said...

Potters are a generous group! It sounds like Starworks is a great group too and last nights menu sounds pretty good.

Pottery can be a necessity, but maybe the homemade variety is a little out of some people's price range. I'm trying to talk the Colorado Potters Guild into new marketing lingo for our biannual sales events - shop local, environmental bent, handmade etc. It will be interesting to see how the fall sale fares as compared to spring and last fall.

T.Gray said...

MH, well said. Wish I could have been there. TG

cookingwithgas said...

It ws a great night- we need more of these in the area!
I wish yu could have been there as well.
C- it will be very interesting to see what happens. I think we are the best green item out there- you can eat and wash and eat and wash- no throw away here.
And- we voted this morning! I was ready.

Annapants! said...

sounds like an awesome time; i wish i could have been there!

cookingwithgas said...

annapants- you would have enjoyed it!