Thursday, October 30, 2008

The old set up -before the fire....

My daughter posted this picture on her blog site of me throwing before the fire. This was taken about a year before for our web site.
So here is me in my messy place, making bottles.
Yesterday Mark set up in the new addition to our rebuilt studio space. He has two wheels set up a table for wedging and a kerosene heater.
He managed to stay nice and warm.
This is just one more temporary step to the final steps of finishing up.
No time to work on the building while we get some pots made.


mahanpots said...

I've still got that wheel I bought from you guys many years ago, the huge, very heavy one with the enormous catch basin. I'll be using it one day. I want to change the motor and use a foot pedal with it.

I expect you to keep a tidy shop now that you have a brand new space.


cookingwithgas said...

We can't find anything now! we need our messy life back!


cone10 said...

Mike- That old wheel was made by a guy who left Marshall Pottery in TX to oversee operations at Lee Creek Pottery near Vass,NC about thirty years ago. It was great for banging out flower pots. You should post a picture of it sometime. The spring loaded pulley and lever idea worked pretty well.