Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NCPC makes fundraising goal a reality

Last night I received news the fundraising for the NCPC had meet its goal.
The goal set forth at the end of June was to raise 50,000.00 at the least but 100,000.00 if possible.
The word last night was we are over 100K with money still to come in.
I had word from Gay Smith that the raffle for pottery made by Gay, Nick, Suzy and Kent had brought in a thousand dollars, which will be sent to the NCPC this week.
I hope to post the winner soon.
The October Potters Market has also brought a total of 667.00 so far.
There are many folks who donated money, pottery and time to bring forth the funds to keep the NCPC alive.
I want to thank them all for their efforts.
Also, I would like to thank those folks behind the scenes who made this possible.
The fundraising committee, the board and the staff of the NCPC.
Without the guidance and efforts put forth by these folks we would not be here today.
Congratulations one and all for a job well done.

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