Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sketch of a small tile

This little sketch is a magnet I need to make for the wedding next May.
It will end of to be 2x2 inches and I plan to use a white clay body- firing them in the electric kiln. I am looking for a periwinkle glaze- I am up for suggestions!
If approved by my future daughter-in-law, Katie, I will make a master and then produce about 100 or more of these.
I have made a few plasters of small items which I make and use for pins or magnets.
I find when I am hand building I have lots of "pie scraps" left over. If I am feeling ambitious I like to use the leftovers making small items.
When we had the fire in July I had just put all these little tiles in tins. When everything was burning or melting the tiles inside the tins stayed intact.
I had one lidded candy box which burned on the outside and I was able to save many of the tiles in there. Granted these are not big pieces and I have several boxes I have been building up to "do something" with, but I wanted to save them.
We are firing today and I have put a bunch back through the kiln to burn off the blacken creosote which had settled in the clay body and on some of the glaze.
We'll see- I warmed these up in the oven to remove moisture since I did not want to make tiny kiln bombs - you could smell the residue of the fire when I took them out to load in the kiln.
Boy- I don't miss the smell now that the building is almost done.


Annapants! said...

Pretty! You know me I like the green that you have too but I think that periwinkle would be nice as well!

cookingwithgas said...

Yes- I like the green when it does not blush purple red- but then again that could be nice as well.