Monday, October 6, 2008

Hay and Farm art!

This is the view of the back side of the farm which we see daily.
I love this view.
I love when they cut the hay.
I love the sound of the machinery- the sounds of the pick-up trucks, the guys stopping to say hey and talk a bit.
I love the way the rolls of hay sit in the field and miss them when they haul them off. Soon this view will be full of color as the trees start to turn.
I'll do another post then- cause I love the fall as well!
Yesterday we had two ospreys flying the back field checking things out after the hay was bailed. They come every spring to hunt fish out of the pond. A few years back they nested and raised a young osprey. We know it is spring when they show up. Oh- and yesterday was perfect to fire the kiln. No wind-it was great.


mahanpots said...

That farm implement looks like some intergalactic species from a science fiction movie.

Nice pictures.


cookingwithgas said...

Thanks Mike- it does doesn't it!
Farm machine are works of art of thier own.