Monday, November 10, 2008

After Halloween but before Thanksgiving Cactus

I left these out all summer to get plenty of the late day sun. I brought them in when we had a cold snap about two weeks ago. I have been watching the tips to see if I they were going to bloom.

They just started in the last few days.

I am trying to decide, or maybe they are, if they are late for Halloween or early for Thanksgiving.

Note the tile made by friend Carol Gentithes .

BUT-- pay no attention to the dust and spider webs!
In my family we are dust bunny protectors and spider web collectors.
Beside you never have dust or webs in your house unless company is coming.
I believe they bring them with them.
I mean, did you see them before they came?

And a little preview of Paint- we are glazing now in the unfinished room and taking in the curried rice or pumpkin soup paint, depending on the time of the day, it goes well with the adobe trim and camouflage green door.......
Behind that door is a building attached to the rebuilt building, which did not burn thanks to our fire department. We need to replace the glass since it did not make it-some elbow grease and paint covered the smoke damage. I see promise here!


Amy said...

My Christmas cactus are both budding and will bloom by Thanksgiving.

I'm glad they're not the only ones who are 'set ahead'

Ben Stark said...

I really wish I had a green thumb! Plants and I don't get along very well...

The paint looks really good--I like the color a lot! Very creamy

Joe and Christy said...

The cactus is just trying to keep up with the brand-spanking new paint! looks great!


cookingwithgas said...

Thanks all- I will be happy to get back to paint.
And Ben I raise plants that I can abuse and they still bloom for me.
Sad but true.
I look for things that call out for water, but can go without at times.
My African violets should start blooming soon. They too are showing signs.
Amy- I hear they bloom either for Thanksgiving or Christmas- but mine seems a tad early, but don't you love them. I met women had inherited the family Christmas cactus which was 150 years old. Now that is a tradition!