Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Glaze and Deer

Today we were going to hit the ground running. We were planning to walk at 6:30 and then I was going to the store and ship off a package. As we were leaving I notice two guys walking up the drive way. Hum- it's still dark and who are these two fellows?

I asked them if I could help them and one said I am your paper guy and I just hit a tree on your drive. It turns out he startled up two does and a buck and in trying to avoid them slammed into a tree. The tree did not give, but what he did to his car was so sad!

He had just bought this car about two weeks ago.

I headed off to do the errands and Mark walked this young guy through the trials and tribulations of insurance, the highway patrol and (gulp) the call to his Mother. That one was the hardest and Mark felt so badly for him as he tried to calm his Mother down. It's hard to be 18- and hit a tree and have a buck hit you. The tree took out a big chunk of the car front and back panels- but the Buck slammed the middle of the drivers side. Not his day you could say.

Here is a long shot of the temporary setup for glazing. It's not too bad with everything on wheels and nothing much in the way.

Back to it- I hear a deadline calling.


mahanpots said...

I'll bet it was those darn coyotes that were over at the Avery's chasing the deer.

Nice work space, by the way.


Ben Stark said...

What a crazy day! Hope the insurance goes smoothly for him.

I like the glaze buckets on wheels!

cookingwithgas said...

the deer were crazy- we saw the buck limping after one of them when we went to check out his car.
Ben- we put everything we can on wheels, buckets, pots and anything we can avoid picking up.
We use to have a recliner on wheels which was too funny- but it got really ratty and we got rid of it.

cone10 said...

You know, I did hear a coyote yelping about ten minutes before the incident but he was off in a different direction. This was strictly rut madness. When we got down to look at the car and the tree it hit we spotted two deer out in the field just standing looking at us. They took off and at first I thought it was the does that the paper guy saw and then all of a sudden they took off, one chasing the other back and forth at first and then straight across the field and out of sight. The chaser seemed to have a bit of a limp and unless the doe he was chasing decided she wanted to be caught he wasn't going to run her down today. So I guess they both have had better days. The paper guy and the buck, that is.

Linda Starr said...

Love all your rolling carts, what a great idea. What are the shelves made of on the red carts?

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Linda- the shelves are 13 ply russian Birch plywood. 3/4 inch thick 12x36 inches.
Each shelf is planned to go into the kiln. We cut a board the size of our shelves and plan each board as to where it will go in the kiln before we wax. Then we glaze a board at a time and make sure the pots go back on the board. This save time when we are loading.
The kiln will hold about 21 shelves of pots depending on the size of the crown pots.

Annapants! said...

crazy mornings at the farm! dad's a good man to help the paper guy talk to his momma!

Linda Starr said...

Wow, that is a great idea having your shelves set up to match your kiln shelves, thanks.