Monday, December 22, 2008

Count down to Christmas

Well- we are full of cheer around here.
Yesterday was Anna's birthday and today in mine.
She was the best Christmas/birthday present and still is.
My mother told me I should have known better. Having a December birthday is not easy since you do get lost in Christmas.
My mother tried giving me 1/2 birthdays- I got to celebrate with my brother. He was not that fond of sharing his and I use to explain over and over what a 1/2 birthday was.
So for Anna we celebrated her birthday on her birthday.
For a number of years she and I had a Birthday lunch. Just us-
Now she lives 5 hours away and has a slew of friends who treat her to dinner and or brunch or both for her birthday.

Now we are really counting down to Christmas.
We are putting shelves in the redone mix room.
I am baking today.
Wrapping presents.
My sister and her daughter left here about 7:30- they stopped in between Florida and home to see us!
Thanks sis and yes I am sorry you could not get a dolphin in the car to bring back with you.
The bottles above are 3 red bottle from JB Cole Pottery- 1960's some of the first pots I owned.
A Chris Luther bottle-2007
A new Donna Cravena-2008 and an older Donna Craven-2001
Counting the days.
Keeping the spirit.
Thinking of you all.


Jerry said...

That 2008 Donna Craven is really nice. Enjoy the holidays!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sweet bottles alright...

Judy Shreve said...

Happy birthday - to you & your daughter & Merry Christmas too.

My mom's birthday was 12/26 & she always insisted her presents be wrapped in birthday paper! And we'd always bake her a birthday cake in spite of all the Christmas goodies.

Love those bottles!

cookingwithgas said...

thanks for the wishes!
Donna makes a good pot and the new one reminds me of Denmark ceramics. Nice flattened shape and the design......sigh.
It all works doesn't it?
Back to the cookies!

Cynthia said...

I love the Chris Luther bottle.

December birthdays are tricky! We do make my daughter's special, but since it's on the 11th, it's not quite as tricky as your family's.


cookingwithgas said...

thanks cynthia- happy hoildays!

Linda Starr said...

My husband's grandmother was born on Christmas day and it always seemed an extra special day because of that.

Those pots on the mantle are beautiful; the red ones such a beautiful red.

Happy Birthday to you.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks Linda!

Annapants! said...

I am a pretty darn good birthday gift! :) And, I miss our lunch! XOXO

cookingwithgas said...

You are THE Best present ever!