Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Counting the days....2007-2008

I baked and worked on a Christmas present for one of the kids yesterday. I can't say what because they sometimes read my blog.
It was a quiet birthday for me here- a bowl of soup and some cheese toast.
After this year it was all I needed while I reflecting on 2007, being a year older and what is coming for 2008.

This morning I received the following and since fire seems to be a theme in ours lives this year I thought I would share.
From our friend and the director of Starworks:

The big truck in the background was delivering our clay order to
Takuro at the back of the building. Upon leaving the loading dock,
the truck driver somehow managed to back into the propane tank by the
wood kiln (no where near the loading dock!) and knock it off it's
support. Takuro ran out, checked the propane tank and got the driver
to sign a note stating that he hit the propane tank. The driver then
got back in his truck and proceeded to back into the electrical pole
that held the big transformer (that's it in front of the red truck in
the middle of the picture.) The pole snapped in two and brought the
transformer and the entire power line down which then began arcing
it's zillion volts of electricity across the parking lot and ignited
the little guard house (photo #1electric lines and watched the fireworks.Unfortunately, the Progress Energy trucks didn't arrive in time to cut
the electricity before the fire spread from the guard house to the
electrical pole right next to it. (Photo #2)
The pole ignited, burned and finally collapsed onto the guard house,
(photo #3) and brought down all the electricity to the entire town of
The nice Progress Energy folks are working all night to restore

And they say nothing happens around here!
I am looking forward to 2008!


mahanpots said...

What, was the truck driver celebrating the holidays early or what?


Nancy said...

Either that or he is absolutely the Worst Driver in the World. Talk about having a bad day....

Annapants! said...

I'm at a loss for words about the driver...
But Mom... don't you mean reflecting on 2008 and looking forward to 2009?

mahanpots said...

...a senior moment...

cookingwithgas said...

what this is not 2007! Damn I need a do-over!
Big whoops!
2009 is really next year!??

cone10 said...

Looks like a Southeastern Freight logo on the trailer....... They've done some stupid things here too but not THAT stupid.

Shortstuff said...

Yup...2009 is really next year. We're in the last 8 days of 2008. That's o.k. Guess that b'day yesterday put you over the edge. ;^) What an exciting time. I'll bet Takuro won't soon forget it.