Monday, December 8, 2008

Not making pots, but moving along on building

As you know we made the decision to finish our building in order to be back at full prodution after the first of January. If you are just tunning in we had a studio fire back in July in which we lost our main work building. The fire was caused by lighting- just one of those things- not the kiln- not the wax pan...
The building is up and last week we emptied our building which holds all our glaze materials plus. Plus lamp parts, plus tools, plus packing and shipping materials, plus odds and ends.

WE, Mark, put everything on our empty carts or the shelving out of the building.
After taking everything out he is putting in the ceiling, insulation and walls.
I can't tell you why we did not finish the inside of this building when we bought it. It has been too long ago. But, I would expect the reasons were: money and time.
So- while Mark went through all the stuff I finished painting the back room.
A little parsley green to go with our curried yellow, toasted almond...... we are tossing in some blue I will show you later.

Today I am on to window trim while Mark will be back in the building.
Keep your fingers crossed- we would like to be done by December the 23rd.
Go team!


Jariris said...

Things are definitely look great so far.

Go team!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


cookingwithgas said...

It was a bolt of lighting out of the blue- big and powerful-
picture of outside of the building- inside was worse off-
or just click rebuilding your life when you are bored and you can see us come back form the depths of the fire.

Shortstuff said...

Looking good, sis. Shoot, you guys should be done by the time Christine and I roll through there for your b'day! Happy whatever anniversary of your 29th year this is. ;^) Les