Sunday, January 4, 2009

A bride and putting things in place

Many years ago now a young man showed up at the pottery and said I want to make pots. I handed him a ball of clay and said okay throw me a pot. He did. I said we are putting a roof on the house how about helping with the roof and we will talk about you working here. He was not ready to make pots but he loaded and unloaded kilns, mixed glaze, waxed and glazed pots and did any thing else we needed. He went on to make pots and is now a traveling potter. He throws for shops here and in the mountains.
Last year he brought this beautiful, smart, funny and kind women he had meet in Italy here to met us. It was the week after our fire. We were barely functioning, but we knew she was special. She spent six weeks here in NC and while they stayed here some they also went to the mountains and the coast. He was in love with her, but so were we. They came and picked blueberries sat and talked with us. Made us laugh when we thought we couldn't. When she was going home I knew we would miss her.
Don't let her go I thought----
Well- I saw him in November and I asked how it was going. He said I am heading there in December- we are getting married!
I want to tell you, sometimes the good guys win!
I see for them a long and happy marriage- Love and laughter go hand in hand.
We had an invite to the wedding--- wish we could have been there.

We are done in the mix room- happy dance here.
These shots were taken before we loaded it all in. But Mark built a bench down one wall and everything else is on shelves for storage.
I find myself just walking in and looking at this room. One down and we are moving along. Of course we won't be in the other room tomorrow.
But this week I think we could do it!


paul jessop said...

Nicely put !
I like the bench

mahanpots said...

I envy all that new space you've got over there. I want some, but I'll be patient. I don't want to attract any bolts of lightning.

Seriously, I've experienced a 'lightening' in you both recently.

Lightning lightening?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...


cookingwithgas said...

thanks guys- we are feeling closer everyday.
And yes be careful what you wish for Mike. I had said to Mark the day of the fire- we really need to clean up around here.

Linda Starr said...

What a beautiful story and so glad you are making so much progress toward your new space.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks Linda- and it is a love story. I am a sucker for a happy ending!