Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello Old Friend

Hello old friend- the pugmill is hooked up and ready for some action.
We moved it away from the wall where it had been before rebuilding the studio and gave it a new place in the room. We added a 4 foot shop light - which we did not have before- as you get older you need all the extra light you can get! Looks great with the "curried rice " paint. In fact it looks like it is hungry for a bite of clay.

Mark was having a hard time setting up his space, because he has not had time to build a mudbox for his stand up wheel. He did rebuild mine back in October. We started talking about the best way to use the space around his wheel and remembered we had saved the counter top from the bar in our old kitchen. We pulled it out and then went looking for the old bar as well.
It was in the old utility room- just hanging out- waiting for the right place to be.
With a little adjusting and some cleaning- we set it up as a counter/work space for him. He was very happy with the results. Now on to some shelves.
I must add that was all my food storage space in the old kitchen- pretty small- I don't miss it.


Shortstuff said...

Oh, that kitchen was ridiculously small...and insufficient for our Grandmother's southern cooking skills. Good use of the old countertop and cabinets, I must say.

cookingwithgas said...

It was very small and I know she would have loved the new one.

Annapants! said...

Wow. Seeing the counter again is freaky! *L*