Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just jump we'll catch you

Being a person who needs to think things through can be a real issue at times.
We could do it "this way." Or we could do it"this way."
Or better yet if we took a rocket ship to the moon and found the right tools and materials we could do it"this way."
Now what I need is a one track mind- not one trick silly - one track. Then I would think, " this is the only way to do this and it is perfect!"
So me and my OCD's are heading back out to finish working on this floor plan.
I am sure there is a trip to Lowe's in there somewhere.
I was there yesterday and spent more money then I have seen walk in the door all month.
Thank Goodness for insurance.
If you don't have it- get it.
Otherwise we would not even have these options.
And- NO, I am not getting a kick back from the companies for telling you to do this.
So- Pots are just a dream away- keep moving on the plan.
If it seems I am talking to myself I think I need to-

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Annapants! said...

Leap and the net shall appear.