Monday, January 5, 2009

Lights and bread-

Today was one of the good days- we finished the trim on the windows.
We cleaned out the back room and brought the slab roller home and set it up.
We finished the lights in the laundry room. ( thanks Anna- we used our Lowe's gift cards to buy the lights)
And we put two lights above the sink in the kitchen.
I might show you those later.
Back a few years ago I decided to finally build a real kitchen on the house.
We live in a house built in 1959 as a "guest" home for my grandparents. It was built as a one bedroom with an open floor plan. Downstairs a bed and bath living room/kitchen and porch.
Well- after my grandfather moved in he never built the "other" house my grandmother wanted. The one with the large county kitchen.
So as we were growing up we spent all our summers here on the farm.
My grandfather added on to the house putting two bedroom, a bath and a 1/2 basement in.
We have spent the better part of our lives here making it into a house.
As Mark would tell you, it seems to have been a house built by a "committee." We have found many strange things about the building of the house. Such as molding which goes through the closets- sheet rock which was never taped or muddied- and don't get me started on the tiny bathrooms and oil base paint-
Anyway, we built a kitchen on to the house.
Our plan this summer was to finish most of the unfinished kitchen.
Not a big list, but one we had to put off due to the studio fire.
So hanging some lights this week made us both cheery.

I keep walking around the studio today saying, "are you sure we are done?" "Is there something we have forgotten to do?"
"Can we really move back tomorrow?"
Pinch me I'm dreaming!


tsbroome said...

We have moved four times since 2001 and I can't tell you how many trips we have made to Lowes with all of those moves! We put up a new light fixture over the holiday and had the same cuppy hole thing going on.Do you think you will get any sleep thinking about moving in to your new space? Best wishes!

cookingwithgas said...

4 moves since 2001! I hope you are putting down some roots now.
What did you use to cover your holes in the ceiling?
Sleep- I slept so hard last night.
Maybe a sleep of releif or one of storing up for what we need to do today!

Annapants! said...

The lights look awesome; I am such an excellent shopper/planner! I got you just what you needed! ;p
I can wait to see you all moved in!

tsbroome said...

I don't think we will ever put down roots. I married a preacher's kid, he doesn't know what that means! Our problem putting up lighting was the hole was smaller than the cuppy thing and the fixture is not flush with the ceiling. We just left it, I don't care all that much, it's not noticeable unless you point it out.

Linda Starr said...

Wow, what a beautiful room, love the art work on the wall too. That bread makes me hungry, you're going to have me baking some real soon I can see.

cookingwithgas said...

I married a man who's father was military. He wants to move yearly- but I have kept him here for over 30 years!
I did with out a laundry room as well as kitchen so when we added on I put one in. I love it- washing clothes in the house is a treat I am thankful for.
The art on the wall is a floor cloth done by my older sister. I have serval and only a few on the floor- I like them hung up.
Let's see the bread Linda! We just ate some and it was yummy!

Mrs. G. said...

I would like to live and that room. I could curl up on top of the washer and dryer!

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Mrs. G- you are welcome to come live in my laundry room anytime. But better yet- if you are ever back in NC we could let you sleep in a real bed.