Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bits and pieces - ends and scraps

You know when you make a pie crust you have the little bits left over?
Some folks take the bits and roll them in sugar and bake them- I tend to toss them out.
But - when I am making tiles and trays and have the bits left over I slap them inside these small molds.
They become pins, magnets and pendants.
The leaf,upper left ,I found in the yard one day, the gecko was from something my daughter gave me and I took apart- can't give her anything.
The other leaves I drew from books- there are lots of possibilities out there-

I will be trying some of those possibilities tomorrow- if we can get over to the shop.
Snow is in the works.


Shortstuff said...

We're expecting snow, too. We had a couple of inches last night, and most of it melted already (whew)! Hope it's not too much for you to get around in. Stay warm. Les

Jariris said...

I love the knotwork looking pendants. They were a BIG hit as Christmas presents this year.

Linda Starr said...

Meredith, are those bisque molds or plaster? They are all so beautiful and what a great use of clay. We loaded the kiln last night for a bisque and there is always room around the larger pieces for smaller pieces like these and there never seems to be enough small pieces. I'm about the only one who makes little pieces but I've been making them by hand, I need to get more efficient with some molds. thx.

Annapants! said...

The gecko was awesome as a pin; I have mine and I know I got one for Amanda! :)

The pendants were super hits as gifts to the girlfriends!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks all! cold here but not much snow-
Linda- they are plaster molds- which happily for me survived the fire.
You make one out of clay and then cast it- then they are easy to repeat.

cynthia said...

These are cool molds!! And, it's exactly why I started making jewelry - the scraps from hand building...