Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day-

Every year we look for the daffodils to start opening up. Mark brought these to me the other day. It is a yearly contest to see who can find them first- he wins again- he is better about looking out for them and I get the joy of finding them all set up for me in the kitchen. You have to love a man who brings you flowers!
We have many daffodils all over the farm. They were planted by my grandmother who had a green arm and could grow anything!
We also enjoy the variety of camellia bushes around the house, which as long as the weather is above the teens bloom all winter. I can look out the kitchen window and see a nice big cherry red one.
Mark has a nice pink one outside his bathroom window.
It is delicate and more the shape of a rose. While the others can be big and bold.
We moved one a few years back when we were cutting out a place to add the kitchen. We babied it and check it. It took 3 years , but it has put down roots and started blooming last year.
The other day when we were having high winds a tree came down on the basement side of the house. I was down here working and Mark comes in and asks me when the tree went down- now you would have thought I would have heard it- but no I didn't- but of all the things my grandmother planted the thing that haunts me most is the Boston Ivy. I fight the Boston Ivy and if had my choice would have it banned as a nuisance plant! If grows everywhere and on everything- Love the flowers- hate the ivy!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh, the daffodils in that sweet little vase!

Linda Starr said...

Beautiful daffodils and camellia, happy valentines.

Shortstuff said...

Love the camellias. We're quite a bit away from having either daffodils or camellias around here. You're right, Lib could grown ANYTHING. She was a wonder. That ivy does get into everything. We have a cure around here. The deer eat it. The downside of that is they also eat my daylillies which makes me want to get out John's driver and take that to their backsides. Did I mention the hostas they ate to nubs last year, too??

cookingwithgas said...

I wish the deer wouod eat the Ivy! I guess the pickings here are too good. Even when we had goats- I don't remember if they ate Ivy.
Yes- Lib could grow anything.
Have fun in Raleighwood!

Shortstuff said...

Listen, there are so many deer in this county they'll eat ANYTHING. I've even planted stuff they're not supposed to eat and they have at it anyhow. Got Rhodies? Not if you have deer around here. They'll eat it. Normally they won't touch that plant...or so the gardening books tell me. Can I send Bambi and his mother, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters, and all his in-laws down to you? PLEASE?

Annapants! said...

Beautiful. I miss racing Dad to find you the first daffodils. :)

Jeannette St.G. said...

I love your pots - the shapes are very elegant, and also the marking you make on the clay. When I saw this post, I started smiling, because for Valentine's day my whole post was about Camelia's (and a watercolor I did of them) - you might want to look at it :)