Monday, February 23, 2009

one-and it's the end of February

Well- as most of you know- we had a fire last year due to being hit by lighting and the result was we lost our main work building.
We took off time after the Christmas rush to finish rebuilding and get back to work.
It took us much longer then we expected, but we were moving back in in just over 6 months from the fire.
We are back to work- as we best we can be- we are still fumbling around some days and we say about the newly rebuilt shop, " it is the same, but different." We made changes and we are still trying to find out if we like those changes.
So- with that said some days are productive and other days are........ let's just say they are.

Today we loaded the big kiln- sigh of relief for me.
I get tomorrow to pull the taxes into some form of intelligence while Mark fires the kiln. ( lucky Man!)

But- this is kiln one for the year- it seems a long time coming.

Fingers are crossed and we have checked and rechecked the winds for tomorrow.
( Wind plays hell with the reduction.)
and-yes this picture is crooked I can see that!

Think of me- I am locking myself to the paper work tomorrow. I would really like to have that off my plate so we can really get back to making pots!

Oh and a big PS- have I reminded you again to get Business Insurance- I know you don't want to think about it - but you should.
Don't whine, just do it!

Another note thanks again to CERF and our local potters Relief fund.


Shortstuff said...

Well, it may have seemed a snail's pace for you and Mark, but I think you got your workshop back together in a remarkably short period of time...especially since the fire started when you were just heading into your busiest six months of the year. Here's to recovery...AND business insurance! hugs


Lucky for you on the taxes! Great advice on the business insurance!! We have our shop and kilns at our home and it was fairly inexpensive to add insurance to cover all of our pottery equipment as part of our homeowner's policy, in addition to covering our entire home etc. due to losses in case of kiln fire. What a beautiful kiln...hope you post pictures of some of the fruits of the firing when you get it done and unloaded. Julia

Linda Starr said...

I hate paperwork, so I put it off till the last minute.

Ben Stark said...

Ewww, taxes! I agree that it seems like a short period of time to us here on the outside, but I know it must feel much longer to y'all. Congrats on the first firing! Hope it turns out well!

cookingwithgas said...

yep I had a friend who called it"skirt work"- we all hate it and I wish the elves would take it over.
Good advice Henhouse on just adding on to your homeowners. I know too many garage potters with no coverage and they are misguided thinking they are covered just because they are in their home.