Saturday, February 21, 2009


There have been several bogs which I read which talk about signing your work.
Cynthia Guajardo and Linda Star. I think it is important to sign your work so someone can find you if they would like to. I personally like to have the work tied back to the maker.
This is the stamp we have used for at least 24 years.
The stamps simply reads Whynot Pottery- the smaller stamp reads whynot NC.
Any pot made by either Mark or I gets stamped. We try to use this stamp on our work only. We have had throwers in the past and they use a line type other than this stamp.
Because we both are MH-we will on occasion sign our names.
I could be MMHH or MHH or MMH- He could be MEH-
Anyway I was signing some collaborative work with M&M and he looked and said this looks like MOM-
So- if you see a pot signed with Whynot Pottery- Whynot NC it is us.
We do sign our work- if it gets missed I have been known to sign a pot using this- "unknown potter."


Linda Starr said...

Great post, thanks for the link. Your stamps look so cool, especially the one with the wood handle, where did you get it made? The pot you have shown, is it stained or is that the color of the clay? It looks blue?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I have used a GR together for years, but must admit to being casual about it. Seems more important to others than me...but I am starting to thing I should pay more attn to it...

mahanpots said...

Speaking of stamping Whynot NC, we used to stamp "Wild Rose Pottery" and "Whynot, NC" back when Jane and I ran Wild Rose right next to the Whynot sign on 705. I remember when someone mistakenly filled out a check for us but filled it out to "Whynot Pottery" by mistake. Or was it the other way around? As filling it out for you guys with "Wild Rose Pottery" on it?

Do you remember that?

Talk about collaboration....


Jay said...

Maybe it says "WOW"

cookingwithgas said...

hi linda- just stoneware clay- bad shot!
gary i think we would know your pots and animals but for future generations and collectors they like the stamp
Mike- we crossed checks on more then one than once- don't you still owe me some money??? .^)

cookingwithgas said...

boy- I am wide awake- that would be we crossed checks more then once!


I used to be very lax about signing work until I got a set of stamps made that are chicken tracks, for Henhouse Pottery. Sometimes, I do multiple sets just to be funny...looks like a very tiny chicken ran across the bottoms of my large pots. LOL Julia