Saturday, March 28, 2009

Freechild Studio

The show this weekend was very well attended despite the weather. In fact the weather might have driven folks inside. It was a mess of a weekend to be outside- but great weather to be inside.
The show is a mix of folk potters, county potters and contemporary potters.
I want to introduce you to John Garland and Mary Paul. I love their work- wonderful detail and color!
Go check out their website, because I could not do justice with my camera.

also they just happen to be very close friend of my sister who lives in Raleigh- which is how we met.
We enjoyed the show, but are happy to be back home. Next week is glaze week and woodfiring at the NCPC.



Meredith, Thank you for sharing a link to John & Mary's beautiful work. I went over to visit and was amazed and thrilled! Julia

cookingwithgas said...

they have great work- thanks for taking a look!