Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Potters Conference

I found my way up to the North Carolina Potters Conference in Asheboro in time to see some pots.
This sweet pot of Phil Rogers called to me. I love a good bottle, as most of you know. And this one was so sweet I wanted to take it home with me.
But- I walked away- it was hard but times such as they are I could not do my part for the economy.
But I did take its picture.
Sweet bottle that it is.

I went up there to help the crew from Highwater with the Friday night dinner. I no longer help with the conference, but I do love to pop in and have dinner Friday night and see some slides.
The gang from Highwater are Gail and her son Johnathan, his lovely wife Faye and their wonderful sweet girls. The girls had a blast helping set up and wanted to help us pour wine.....

I also ran into some of the other bloggers- Bruce and Samantha from Bulldog were there and if you look behind them you will see Mike Mahan and his wife Mary- bonus shot I just realized they are there.

And then there was this guy!
Why it's Mr. Micheal Kline from the mountains!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I got some good video of the Conference and permission from Alleghany, Phil and Mark to post it on youtube. I posted some photos on my blog. It was good to see all the potters enjoying themselves. It's sort of like going to a family reunion.

Linda Starr said...

Oh, that is a nice bottle, love the hatched brush marks and the foot. I've seen so many pieces I would love to have on blogs, I'll just have to dream of them.