Monday, April 20, 2009


It was a great week-end for us all in Seagrove.
I just finished reading Tom Starland's Blog about his visit to the area.
I hope you can all take a minute to read it.
It is nice to read the perspective of the visitor.
When we are getting ready for a show or a kiln opening I think about a stage production or a wedding.
There is a lot of work which goes on behind the curtain, a lot of details to complete. Some you do well and others you just have to let go.
But the day of the event you know you have done well if the customer enjoys themselves.
I think that happened here-
I would have taken pictures- but here is the story on that.
If you are talking and wrapping pots there is no time for pictures.
If you are taking pictures, then you are not talking to customers and wrapping pots.
I have no pictures.
It was a great week-end.
Now- back to work!


cynthia said...

I sped read Tom's experience - wow - very cool to read from a visitor's perspective. I love that they got up early to make an event out of visiting as many potteries as possible.

Glad to hear you had a great weekend too!

Linda Starr said...

Congratulations on an event well planned. How do you wrap your pots for those taking them away; what materials do you use?

Barbara said...

Tom's travelog gave me a sense of the larger event that you were part of but I could hear that he wanted to stay around at your place much longer.
I'm happy for you that you didn't have time for taking pictures.

cookingwithgas said...

Today I feel almost human....
C- it is nice to hear about the customers side. We get a lot of people who meet family here for a weekend or friends. They will a few days in the area expolring the shops.
L- we use newspaper and tape. We have gone to the unprinted newsprint. Let's hope that does not fade away like the newspaper industry.
B- There are close to 70 to 80 potteries in the area. There were at least 40 who were opening kilns for the past weekend. A great time to come.