Monday, June 8, 2009

Bulldog and Michael Kline

I did get over to see the pots at the show Cousins in Clay held over at Bulldog Pottery.
You can find information about them on their blog and website. I suggest you go over and read about them.
I love their work.
I loved the fact they set up outside and you can see their great gardens behind the pots.
And yes, I should have taken more pictures.
I was too busy chatting with them all to take more and then it was time to get back here and finish off some clay work.


Anonymous said...

lots of nice work... cool quilts in the other posts

Linda Starr said...

What a beautiful display of their pots they have done. I like the pots against the black cloth and the plexi pedastals and not too crowded either. I think I have made that mistake in my displays in the past. Thanks for the photos.

cynthia said...

Looks like an excellent day for perusing pots!

Barbara said...

Great garden backdrop and beautiful pots in the sunshine.