Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do you insure?

I order some of my supplies off Esty. I have been very pleased with the quick shipping and how helpful all the vendors have been with information and my questions.

Last week I ordered and it crossed my mine to insure the order. Then I let it slip out of my head and I did not.

Yesterday my postman delivered my supplies- or what should have been my supplies. All I received was an empty bag. The side had been slit open and nothing was inside. The cut on the side was clean with the exception of just a bit of an edge. My first thought was, "no insurance." And to make things harder for me this was a small but expensive order.

Darn- I headed right up to the post office to report the issue. I know it did not happen at my mail box since I had just seen the postman pass by.

I talked with one of my ladies at the post office and left the empty package there.

I contacted the seller just to see how he handles his shipping. He hand delivers the packages to the post office and does not leave them out for pick up.

I hate to say it but there is a snake in the house between the seller and me.

Today I received a call and the Post master said it was obvious that it happened before it was delivered and they would reimburse my cost for the product.

I was very surprised and grateful.

The seller also offered me a discount for my reorder.

So I am happy with the outcome.

Next time I order I will pay the insurance fee.

I hope they catch the "snake" and get him out of the system.

Personally I use the US postal system for many things and find them for the most part good people, as proven by how well they handled this issue.

I was driving home Sunday and heading in to Seagrove for a quick shop of household items at our local Dollar Store. This was the truck I was behind.
I watch in fascination as the women let the dog run all over her to make sure he was hanging out the window.
At times she held the dogs tail up with his backside inches from her face.
I thought, " now that is tolerance."
When I arrived home and showed the picture to Mark he said, " No, that is resignation."
He went on to state the women has resigned herself to her place in the house as the person below the dog.
I sent the picture to a friend yesterday and she said, "No, that is just stupid."


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Yes, looks a little stupid to me.
I agree that the PO is generally quite good, but I like how UPS automatically insures and tracks.

Sandy said...

I loved my (now deceased) dog, but a main reason I divorced my first husband is because for twelve years HE is the one who put my place last, behind the dog!!

My current husband and I have cats, and they know Mom is boss!


My first instint was to criticize that woman for not asserting herself as alpha with her dog. Then I remembered that I voluntarily relinquish a good majority of my leg room each night in bed to a 130-lb dog that slobbers all over my house. Hmmm... I'm guessing that lady knows better, too. :)

Blaine M. Avery said...

that couple lives just down the road from our old shop on HWY 705 in a little trailer. I used to see them go buy two or three times a day, and that lady always lets that dog do that. sometimes I think she was holding its tail to keep it from jumping out of the truck!!

Linda Starr said...

My check disappeared at the post office and I had to open a whole new checking account, that was last year. I was never sure if it was the post office or the lady who received the check (for a art show) lost it. It was a fiasco though. Sometimes I insure and other times I don't, but I always bring the items to the post office and I pick them up there too since we have a PO box.

Anonymous said...

i don't insure but now i think maybe i should... there was a time a short while ago when i would have agreed with you when you said "that is tolerance" but since this new demon has entered our home i think i'm gonna have to go with mark.

cookingwithgas said...

I have to admit I was fasinated watching the dance between the dog and the women.
My daughter once told me that she could not marry a local guy here because his dog would always come first......

T.Gray said...

M, I saw the same truck. I ship via USPS myself and have had few complaints.

Joe and Christy said...

we remember the dog people from seagrove! i think all they ever did was drive around. when joe biked around the area, he always said he could hear the dog barking at him from about a 1/2 mile away, and think that he had better pedal faster, 'cause that dog was coming up on his heels fast!


cookingwithgas said...

I am amazed at how well know this dog and its owners are!

cynthia said...

I haven't insured either with no incident, but your experience makes me wonder if I should.... I also hand deliver my packages to the post office to deter theft, but once it leaves my hands who knows what happens to it. Glad to hear the PO reimbursed - and surprised too!