Thursday, June 18, 2009

So long and thanks for all the fish

No, I am not going anywhere.
Yesterday I was in the mind set of, " I am out of here!"
But today I did what I usually do.
I went out to the studio and got out some clay.
I always have something in my head that begs to come out and rather then let it suffer I give it a go.
So thanks to all the folks who commented on the crawling glaze.
It is all good food for thought.
I agree with Mark that we are not firing enough these days.
Back in the day we fired the big kiln every 3-4 weeks.
Yes, we were younger and had more energy.
So he posted on comments that he is building a smaller kiln.
The cat is out of the bag now! I have some picture I have been taking of the kiln and as soon as he gives the green light I will post some up.
The new kiln is coming along and has taken on the true characteristics of a kiln instead of just the chalk outline.
Right now he is not ready to show the kiln off.

This kiln will make a huge difference in our firing schedule. Although the kiln will be but a fraction of the size of the old one, it will enable us to put through some quick loads or do some experimented with glazes. The other plus is we put a variety of glazes in the kiln we use now. Maybe some of them would fire better separate from one another.........
We will take the old kiln down and rebuild it smaller. Maybe down to 40 cubic feet rather then the 80 we have now.

I will post up a picture of the tiles I did for a customer which will be set in a table he made for his wife.


Linda Starr said...

Hi Meredith, how cool you and Mark are building another smaller kiln, that is exciting. The tiles look great. I posted last night on your glazing but my post disappeared, so I sent you a personal email. Hope there is smooth sailing from now on.

gary rith said...



How beautifully said! At the end of it all, the clay is therapy & it can fix so much that is wrong in our worlds. Getting our hands to work, bringing peace, making the shapes in your head!

Can't wait to see the pics of your smaller kiln when you both are ready to share.

Anonymous said...

amen... it's difficult to do much testing in a big kiln.

Annapants! said...