Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Birds and Pottery

For weeks we have been watching a nest which is sitting up in the eves of the carport.
The parent birds keep a close watch on us as we come in and out. They will fly away to distract us from the babies.
We "pretend" not to see the nest, but keep a close eye on the progression of the babies.
Yesterday Mark comes to the house for lunch and there on the carport is one of the babies. It is just sitting there slightly stunned. It looks as if it would be happier in the nest....
We eat lunch and go back to find it being coaxed by the parents. They fly down hop and chirp and then quickly fly away. The baby hops and tries its wings.....hop, hop, hop, flutter, flutter-
But it is not getting off the ground yet.
It hops out into the driveway when we, of course, worry it will be run over before it gets off the ground.
Mark goes and moves the truck to block customers from the area.
We take a look at the nest and there is another baby up out of the nest and just looking over the edge. Then back he hops in the nest- out again and back in the nest.
Last I saw the baby out of the nest was taking a nap in the carport and its two siblings were tucked in and not ready to make the jump.
We don't have cats now and all we can do is hope the baby gets its self up and moving skyward.
I am heading out to check on them soon.

In the pottery: I am glazing tiles for the electric kiln.
I made these pillow pots. Which I have put feet with holes on the back.
I put the feet on so the pot can be hung on the wall if you want.
I have made these before, but would add three tubes to each one to be used for flowers.
I think of these as more of a closed tile which I would like to hang.
The patterns are inspired from an old garment I have hanging in my bathroom- I kept looking at it and thinking these flowers need to go somewhere.....
I am painting on the glaze.
So do I know exactly how they will come out? No- but I can't wait to see.
On some days you just need something to play with.


JLK said...

I hope the babies all learn to fly. nature can be pretty cruel if you watch too closely!!

Anonymous said...

cool pillow... how big is that pillow?

Linda Starr said...

Very nice pillow pot, love the flowers - so what I see in the photo now is the glaze? or underglaze? hope the little ones hop out of danger's way till they learn to fly.

cookingwithgas said...

The baby birds are out there now getting ready to learn to fly.
These two are really not sure they want to leave the nest.
The pillow pot is a small one maybe 4x4.
I am painting in glaze so this is all glaze.
I find to about 2185 in the electric kiln.
It is slow so I am still working on some of the tiles.

cindy shake said...

How wonderful to have nesting birds! Birds do such a wonderful job of keeping the insect population in check! Can't wait to see the pillow fired :o)