Friday, July 3, 2009

No, you go first....

"After you", they both seemed to be saying.
Yesterday was the day.
The babies were out of he nest.
The mother bird was back and forth back and forth.
Fussing every time we were around.
I came in about 5 and Mark came in 20 minutes later and they were gone. I thought I might be able to catch the flight but I missed it.
Now the question is, "who's going to clean up the mess?"
The other question is what type of bird was this one.
This was not our usual nesting birds for around the house.
I still have not looked them up.
You would think I would be a better birder with so many birds around us.
The trees here are just full of them.
We have Yellow Finch, Bluebirds, Cardinals, Wrens, Indigo Bunting, Carolina Chickadee, Humming Birds, Red-winged Blackbird, Hawks, Wood peckers, Ospreys and the list goes on....... but this was I am still looking for any ideas?
Now, I just found this bird Eastern Kingbird, which is what a customer thought it might be.
Now that I have look it up, I think maybe he is right.

Happy 4th of July to all!


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Anonymous said...

happy 4th... not much of an ornithologist i have to say

Linda Starr said...

How wonderful to see your nesting birds have taken flight. Thanks for the info on the pillow box, can't wait to see it fired.