Monday, July 20, 2009

A trip to Blowing Rock- no time for pottery now!

Remember I had said we were going to be taking some non pottery related days.
Well we tried to.
We left here Saturday morning leaving Beverly in charge of the store.
We took our time driving up to Blowing Rock NC.
It takes us about 3- 31/2 hours to get there.
We stopped in Boone for supplies at a store, beer and food stuff and then off to stay at a friends condo for some R&R.
As we can into the town we noticed it was "Art in the Park" day in Blowing rock.
We thought we should go check it out.
I said as we walked in to the park," this will be fun we won't know anybody. "
Yea- go ahead and chuckle.
The first potter we saw was from Seagrove!
And then we came up on Potters John Garland and Mary Paul from Freechild studio outside of Raleigh.
We all had a good laugh and as we stopped to talk with them.
We invited them back to the condo for take out pizza and beers after the show was over.

Then on we went and we stop in to see Jen Mecca.
I walk right in and said, "Hi, I am Meredith Heywood, from Whynot Pottery and I read your blog."
She laughed and we had a good chat about blogs and pottery.
I love her work and found her to be so thoughtful and charming.
I will continue to keep up with her through her Blog and I hope I see her again.
As you can tell I did not have my camera with me- no pictures of the potters or pots!

The next morning we went for a hike just off downtown Blowing Rock.
The trail is called Glen Burney Trail and there are three water falls along the trail.
It was a cool, crisp morning and the hike down was wonderful.

But- we took so long taking pictures we did not make it to the last water fall.
We decided we needed a reason to come back.
And next time we would bring the water and some food with us!
We found there is a great spot at the second water fall with a nice place to picnic. If only we had known, we would have planned to do so.
We love the downtown area of Blowing Rock with all the shops but we are really there for the mountains, the woods and the water.

We drove up to Banner Elk and hit the Parway back to Blowing Rock for some wonderful views.

The views, although a bit overcast, were food for our eyes and souls.

We read, we hiked and we ate.

Then packed it off for home this morning.
Tomorrow we will be loading the kiln and life resumes.

PS Kids- Your dad said put this on his Christmas list.........


Michael Mahan said...

Lovely pictures, and I want one of those.... Can Ams .... too.

Shortstuff said...

Very cool. You two deserve a break. How fun that you were able to get away. Mark didn't say what size bike he wanted. Will a Tonka brand do?

Linda Starr said...

What a great trip and how fun to run into folks you knew at an art fair and get to meet Jen too. I'm not going to let Gary see that bike.

Torn said...
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Annapants! said...

I'm glad you two had a wonderful trip! And, tell Dad that he can have the bike if I win the lotto! :)

Anonymous said...

the blog is making our world's smaller, looks like a beautiful hike

cynthia said...

We all need to take field trips to rejuvenate! And, how wonderful to run into an art show and fellow blogger potters. I do think that blogging has made the world just a little smaller, like Jim mentioned. Pretty cool.

The bike looks interesting - what are those wheels at the front? Sort of like a reverse trike....


Beautiful pictures of your time away!