Friday, July 17, 2009

Raku the bunny

Yesterday I was wondering what to post and all I could think of was the letter P.
P for pottery
p is for peaches
P for purple eggplant ( cheating a little here)
P for purpose
P for well you get the picture.
Today I have moved past the p's and wonder if I should go straight to the R's.
( you noticed the rabbit didn't you- we'll get back to him.)

The pots, note the p, have all been glazed.
All we have to do is load them up to fire.
But- we need to take a break.
So we are leaving Beverly in charge for today and tomorrow while we get some non pottery things done. Then we will load the kiln next week and fire.

Beverly came to me a year or more back to ask if I would teach her to make pots.
I said," no- go to school. "
We have two program close by at the community colleges one south of us and one north of us. There is another west of us, not as close by.
They will, for the price of tuition, teach you the basics.
They all have a wheel for you, clay, glaze materials and an instructor.
That is what Mark and I both did.
You get what you can from the classes, learning from other students and then move on to a better program, an apprenticeship, or strike out on your own.

I ran into Beverly while I was at a show this past spring.
What are you doing?
I am taking classes.
How is that going?
Come see me now and let's work on some hand building together.
She did and we are still working on some hand building when she can take time away from her job.
Why wait you ask?
Well, now Beverly knows how to handle clay.
It is the first step in making pots in my book.
The clay is it's own beast.
Some clays need to be handled with gloves, others just need a little push.
And still others just need to be avoided at all cost.
I don't have to start at the beginning . She knows the language and we can move on.
She is still taking classes and I am encouraging her to move to the Community College with a bit more structure to the classes.
Last week she sent me a picture of her bunny, Raku.
In the email she said she let's him out to exercise and he runs all over the house and then settles down around the base of a vase made by Mark.

How can I not love this rabbit? He is a fan.
So keep your facebook fans- We at, Whynot Pottery, are ready to adopt Raku as our number one fan!.


Anonymous said...

rabbits make the best fans i hear

Linda Starr said...

What a beautiful rabbit and a great story. That rabbit knows a good pot when he sees (nestles against) one.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

What a sweet little bunny :) My yard is full of wild Cotton-tails. I just love em!

cookingwithgas said...

this rabbit- our fan is so cute he makes me laugh.
And thses days laughter is a good thing!


How can you not love a bunny named RAKU? Especially when he obviously has good taste.

Meredith, did you guys get rid of your etsy shop?

cookingwithgas said...

PS- Raku is a girl rabbit.
Hey Julia-For now the esty shop is down I can't figure out the balance of taking pictures and posting them and keeping up with it all.
Maybe Jan. I will try again.
Too busy to think about it right now.