Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here comes the sun

When you work for your self and live 20 minutes form the nearest gym you have to have your own exercise program.

We walk.
We have discovered our local Seagrove Town Park which has trails and some good up and downs.
There is one area which is straight up. We call it; heart rate trail, because it will get you heart rate going.
When we are there most days the sun is just coming over the hills in the background. On a clear day you can get a nice view.
Today it is hazy, but we thought we'd share a few anyway.

When we come back I take a walk through the garden to see what is going on.
This nice orange flower has been bringing in the Hummingbirds.
I have never had a hummingbird feeder, but prefer to have things near the house which attract their attention.
There are a few who have been stopping by to check this flower out.

We are glazing...... back to work!

8 comments: said...

Just think, you could be sitting out on interstate 40 in a traffic jam, running late for your little gray cubicle. Ah... the pleasure and pain of self employment! Lovely morning photos, I'm off to my studio, have a great day!

Anonymous said...

and how can you put a price on that kind of lifestyle? i walk in the morning too, barefoot and with the dog trying to yank my arm out of socket but i wouldn't trade with a nine to fiver.

cindy shake said...

Ditto! Who needs stinky, hot and stuffy indoor gyms? Yeah, it can get a bit lonely working on our own but all of us are living the life others dream of. Is that flower a Hybiscus (sp?) wonderful photos.

Today is a HOLIDAY for me, school starts this morning :o)) I've happily made the lunches and I'll have my house and studio back to myself!! yippee!


I read a newspaper article a while back talking about how "organic exercise" i.e., exercising as part of your normal daily activities, is making a comeback. I was thinking - wow, there's a name for what most of us do! Walking all over our new place to take care of animals twice a day is exercise, as is lifting 50# bags of feed and 50# boxes of clay or glaze chemicals! LOL I have to laugh at the people who pay $30 (or more) a month for a gym membership and then pay $600 for a riding lawnmower so they don't have to push a mower around their yard. :)

cookingwithgas said...

Yes- I do love my morning commute to work. We let the insurance company know that we "walk" to work.
I gave up a lot to get here, but some of those things were kin to panty hose and make-up.
I don't miss them.
I use to LOVE the first day of school- when the kids went back and we- would get back to the routine of pots and school.
Yes- gym membership and riding lawn mower.... it is a chuckle!

Shortstuff said...

Nice pix. I didn't realize Seagrove had a park. We must investigate next time I come visit. The flower is a Canna. I have some in all red back by the workshop that need to be dug up and split some time soon. Want one or two?

Linda Starr said...

I've never been to a gym, I do plenty of walking around here and most places I have lived - that looks like such a lovely park, Lovely canna lily.

Abela Bodycare said...

I had no idea Seagrove had a walking trail. I'll have to learn more.