Monday, August 17, 2009

Potters For Peace and giving

Today, with the money collected from the vessels Mark and I both made and sold, we will be able to give the CAI a check for $550.00.

I plan to get that right to Beth Gore at Cady ClayWorks.
My hats off to Beth for pulling this all together.
We meet some great folks who came out for the vessels on Saturday.
By noon- we had to tell folks we were sold out.

A lot of the folks who came out wanted to stay and chat a bit, about the book, how it had touched them and how important it was to do things such as this.
They wanted us to know how touched they were by the giving from the potters.

Potters are giving folks.
I know that this was the weekend a fund raiser was going on for Liz Zlot Summerfield up at Penland.
Liz, a potter has cancer, the potters up in the mountains rallied behind Liz and her family by putting together an auction to raise money for medical bills.
You can still donate money to the family through Michael Kline's Bolg.

I know we can not always give to everything that comes along, but I do feel for the most part, we all do what we can to help.

So hats off to the potters up in the mountains and best wishes to Liz and her family during this time.



I'm glad you sold out but disappointed those of us in cyberspace didn't get a chance to purchase your "leftovers" and remotely support the cause. Kudos to you & Mark for being part of such a caring and important event!

AMW said...

Sorry I couldn't be there in person, but thanks a million!!


cookingwithgas said...

Sorry we sold out so soon! Maybe next time!
Julia- I am working on teapots.


Meredith, I have been patiently waiting for tea pots. I am glad it is their turn, my shelves are too empty. :)

Abela Bodycare said...

That's wonderful! Good comic strip Sunday too! I just read Julia's mention of you on her 8/12 blog. You encourage lots of us. Thanks for that!