Monday, August 3, 2009

Is production a dirty word?

In the past few weeks I have had a mind snap.
Snap! I could feel it.
My mind clicked out of the stress of last year and begun to simmer or settle down enough to throw pots again.
I was having trouble staying at the wheel and I believe it was just all the stress of last year's fire and other things as well.....
Then one day- snap it was if I could really think again.
And since then I have been in the mode of making pots.
On the wheel and off.
I try to throw in the mornings and after lunch.
Then I switch over to the slab roller to roll out clay for tray's and bread bowls.
It seems to be working for me.
So here is some of last weeks work.
Mark was on vases, casseroles,large spoon crocks and mugs.
I was on tumblers, jars, cruets, small crocks, trays and bread bowls.
This week I will add in some time for loading up the bisque kiln and getting pots through for another glaze firing.
So about production.
We both trained as production throwers.
We weigh out our clay, knowing what we are going to make.
We make multiple items, using a pointer for size.
We try to hit the shape over and over.
Then there are items which we don't do this with.
Those items can take on their own shape and be played with.
I still find some comfort in throwing production. It is like an old friend who allows me to just hang out.
I also find through production a new item will start to form in my mind.
What if.......
Comfort in clay,
Focus and stability.


Linda Starr said...

Glad you're mind snapped in a good way, some things just take time.

Anonymous said...

i'm envious of the production ability as i don't really have it. i've always held that it is infinitely more likely to successfully break the rules if you have learned them in the first place. good to hear you're destressed.

cindy shake said...

Look at all of that work on the shelves! I too am a bit envious of being able to do real, weigh and measured type of production... I've always thought I had an attention deficit disorder to do repetitive tasks. Though I'm finding I do need to do some type of "production" work to remain profitable and all works just cannot be thought anew every day. I have patterns and processes that are production-like to save time and my muscles! Good post and topic :o)

Shortstuff said...

Sounds like you're getting a good rhythym going. Glad to hear it.

cynthia said...

I wish I thought that way, but add gets in the way for me. My college prof was a production potter from Taiwan and he didn't much care for it - and always was pushing sculpture and one offs from us. I'm not sure he did me any favors....

T.Gray said...

well said MH............

Patricia Griffin said...

Bravo! Back in the groove! Your sense of peace is evident in your post. Made me happy to read it.