Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yesterday and Yesterday

The small picture is the same kiln out of hard brick built in 1981. Seems like yesterday.

2009-Yesterday was hot and humid, but Mark went out and put the arch on the new kiln.
I stayed in the air and made trays.
I should feel a little guilty about that, but sometimes it is best to stay out of the way.
Plus he does come and get me if he needs me. I am a great "holder".

The last thing Mark did was put castable in the Key brick area.
It set up last night. Is it time to remove the wooden arch form?
This is getting very exciting.

Seems like only yesterday we were setting up for the first ,"Celebration Of Seagrove Potters" event.

Mark your calendars for this 2nd annual event Saturday, November 21, 2009 from 9am to 6pm and Sunday, November 22 from 10am to 4pm.
Friday, November 20, 2009 - Gala Preview Party


traceybroome@mindspring.com said...

What a beautiful kiln. I hope I can have one like that one day, next house we get has to have level ground and sunlight!

cynthia said...

Looks great! I love the arch - seems like a feat of engineering ingenuity ;D

Judy Shreve said...

Beautiful kiln! Good luck on it's maiden firing!

Anonymous said...

nice looking kiln... my favorite part is removing the arch support

Ron said...

Hey, What dimension shelves will the new kiln use? I have friend wanting to build a kiln and I'm suggesting 2-12x24 shelves deep. And about 45" to the top inside of the arch. Do you use Big Bertha burners?

MH said...

Yeah, pulling the form is fun - This kiln is one stack of 14x28's, 45" tall. +\- 10 cu.ft. of stack space.
I used Ransome B4 burners in its first incarnation. All hard brick then. Will use them again since I have them.

MH said...

I forgot to let you know but you may have already guessed - there is another burner port in the back wall pointing forward..........MH

Ron said...

Great looking kiln. I'll stop by next time I'm around. I'd love to see it in person. Good firings.