Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Removing the arch

deep breath and there she is......

From Mark:

The kiln is one stack of 14x28's, 45" tall. +\- 10 cu.ft. of stack space.
I used Ransome B4 burners in its first incarnation. All hard brick then. Will use them again since I have them.
I forgot to let you know but you may have already guessed - there is another burner port in the back wall pointing forward..........MH

The kiln as it stood in 1981-82

Mark looking at the pots from the first bisque load... look at those student pots! We, of course, were just amazed.
The spot where that kiln stood was later closed in and is still in use as the room where our electric kilns are now.


Anonymous said...

and a beautiful arch it is

Linda Starr said...

What nice arch work and what a cool photo of Mark. The shelves in the kiln look interesting, are they a dark color and they seem so thin?