Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's go to Penland

What would a trip to the NC mountains be without a trip to the Penland area?
Penland is full of studios of all kinds.
Glass, Metal, Jewelry, Fiber and Pottery.
I love taking a trip up there and seeing what is new.
This trip with all the rain we just picked a few things to do.
We went up to the Penland Coffee house for some coffee, tea and lunch.
The food was so-so- nothing to write home about, but the coffee was good.
We walked around the dining hall and I have missed this tile entry way.
So Catherine and I had our picture taken by Mark.

From there we wandered over to the Penland Gallery to see what was going on in there.
I saw one of Michael Sherrill's works as we walked through the door.
This one is for you Linda:

I wanted to go and see Michael Kline if we could catch him at home. I rang him up and got a message and thought I should have let him know sooner we would be in the area.
I handed the cell back to Mark and there was a message on it. Michael was around and would be there until 3 or so. We jumped in the car and headed over.
Michael is not far from Penland and with Catherine as our guide we didn't even have to back up and turn around.
We found his shop and stopped in in time for the first fire in the wood stove. Michael is always a treat to talk to and he showed us around his workshop and gallery.

I loved the sign over the door.

A good reminder for all of us!

I don't remember all that was being talked about, but it included some conversation about Bats.
Look at that handsome pot behind Micheal, don't you want to just go pick it up!?
We walked out to his covered area to see the clay mixing operation. It looks like he has a work horse of a pug mill there.
It is an older model he picked up, but it certainly looks like it does the job.

I always enjoy chatting some shop with another potter and seeing how they work.
It was great to have Michael take some time out of his day for us.
I came away with one of his pieces which I have not taken a picture of yet! I will hold it ransom until Michael comes to Seagrove and picks out something from our shop.
Thanks Michael it was good to see you as usual.
Instead of running around in the rain we headed back to Catherine's house for cards and games.

The rest of the trip was spent catching up with Catherine and seeing what see is doing in her studio.
Catherine has been working on some tile samples.
New work for her.
And speaking of work! Time for me to get there.


Anonymous said...

i want to take that same exact trip... would love to see penland or take a workshop there and would love to visit michael kline as well. that sherrill piece is nice too. good to see you had a fun time.

Judy Shreve said...

Penland is one of my favorite places to visit! It's so beautiful there -- and walking around the campus is so much fun - so much accumulated art.

That Sherrill piece is spectacular! And I would love to visit MK -- we hope to get up for the Spruce Pine sale. Yall have had a nice mini-vacation

cindy shake said...

How wonderful! Penland has been on my "Must See/Must Do" list for years now... Then to be able to pop over to Michael Kline's Studio -what a treat!! Popping over anywhere from Anchorage is always a bit problematic :o) The Blog has had to be my transpo for now! Great pictures!!

Linda Starr said...

Oh Meredith, thanks, that Sherrill piece must have cost you a fortune you shouldn't have - te, he. It is so beautiful and inspiring, thanks so much for thinking of me, the colors remind me of Autumn approaching. I can't wait to visit Penland and all the potters there, you and Mark, Michael and so many others. I really like what Catherine is doing with those tiles, so many talented people with such wonderful work and such a beautiful area to take mini vacations. I better get back to sticking with the program of packing here or Gary is going to kill me when he gets home.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I hear Penland is great! I need to visit myself. Thanks for sharing the works; they look awesome!

Laurie said...

Now I've got to add Penland to my list!

Kitty said...

I love Penland!!! I have taken two - summer classes there. I just wish it wasn't so far from home (although then I would probably just always take classes).

Shortstuff said...

Catherine looks great. I really like the bottom tile. That sculpture is great, too. Glad you guys had fun.

cookingwithgas said...

hey all- it was a great time. The hard part is getting back to work.
Penland is such a treat.
It has grow so much in the 25 years we have been going up there.
I don't expect it to slow down.
I hope you all get there soon.
Me- I would like to go to GA. next- so watch out Judy- I'll be coming to see you!