Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We left Asheville at 9 am. I had mapped a loop for the water falls we wanted to see.
We would go to the ones on the far side and then wind our way back on H64 to the others.
Then snake our way back to Asheville.
I had planned a possible 2 hours to get out to the first falls. We were pleasantly surprised when it was about an hour and 20 minutes to Cullasaja.

We turned a quick corner and there it is. You have to be careful pulling off for this one because there is not much shoulder to park on. We were able to just squeeze between a parked car and a motorcycle.
We parked walked over to look at the falls and the women on the motorcycle said, "Hello"- we exchange the usual, "where are you from?" They were from Florida. When we said we are from central NC. She asked, "Where?"
I said Central NC because not everyone knows where Seagrove is much less Whynot.
When I told her Seagrove she laughed and said, " I have been to the potteries there." Then I said "We run Whynot Pottery" and she said. " I have been in your shop."
As we talked I remembered her and her husband.
Small world.
But it was time to take in the falls- this first one is Cullasaja Falls.

Down the road a short road was Dry Falls.

This one you can hike down and walk under the falls. What a real treat. Just beautiful and powerful to stand under and behind this rushing water.

Then on to Bridal falls which you can drive under. It was small compared to the first two. No pictures we needed batteries for the camera.

We drove on to Cashiers and had lunch and then it was on to the second set of falls.

It took awhile to drive over to Brevard and into the next area for falls. Before we got there we could see the weather changing. Clouds were building up and we knew it was going to rain.
We stopped and talked to the rangers, who told us that one fall was an hour hike.
We drove up hoping the rain would hold off.
We found Looking Glass falls just as the rain started.

As we climbed back in the car the rain went from coming down to pouring.
As we came to the parking lot for the hike we decided not to go. This turned out to be wise.
As we drove on the rain stated coming down in sheets.
It was raining so hard we could hardly see.
I mapped our way out of the forest . looking for a quick way back to Asheville.
Turn on 151 I said.
We crawled down- up the road to the turn off and as we turned off hoping this was the right road the rain was just pouring.
This road was narrow and winding, Did I say winding.
We could see the back lights as Mark made the turns.
He loved it! What a guy! He is laughing his head off and whooping it up while I am holding on and thinking why are we here? Why am I here, is this the right road????
We twisted and turned and twisted and turned our way through 151 until finally a straight way and a stop sign.
Yes, I was praying......
Then back to Asheville.
This I know, I want to go back.
This was just a taste of the waterfalls.
I want more.
I love the power of the water and the beauty of the rocks.
I love the "WOW" emotions the falls bring for me.
I am planning the next trip.

Tomorrow Penland- today work.....

7 comments: said...

I know this path you took very well, I used to travel up there all the time. Gerry and I climbed at Looking Glass, I hiked up that dang trail when I was very very pregnant and hiked up it carrying Wesley when she was about 8 weeks old. We were die hard climbers then and didn't let a small thing like a baby get in the way. She loved the waterfalls then just like she does now. What a great break for the two of you. Makes me nostalgic. We have driven under that one fall when it was just pouring off the hill, very fun.

Michael Kline said...

I'm going to have to take the family to these falls someday! I'll just print out this post and hit the road!

Linda Starr said...

You're teasing me, I can't wait to get there to explore.

Mike Barber said...
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Mike Barber said...

You were just a few miles from my house. We live near the bottom of the cullasaja gorge there in Franklin. It really is a fantastic set of falls all that close together.

Shortstuff said...

What fun. Sorry about the sheets of rain, but the falls sound lovely. Glad you guys were able to take at least some of them in.

cookingwithgas said...

Tracey- I too hiked years ago with one kid on my back and another one tucked away- I was only about 3 months along with number 2.
MK- We are mapping more water falls- but this is a short trip from your house.
Linda- keep packing!
Leslie- time for a trip to NC for you!